Editor in Chief: Angel Quintana
Photography: Dasha & Mari

After hitting the Big Apple with 22 of my fellow Holistic Fashionista's at the amazing Ellary's Greens, I looked around and noticed what a exceptionally beautiful and intelligent tribe of luxury business doyennes stood before me. It was breath-taking to say the least!

Next month, Holistic Fashionista will be celebrating our 2nd year in business and the alchemy has been nothing short of miraculous. From the high-caliber contributing Partners (and new friends) in The Club to the exquisite photographers we've had the pleasure of working with, with every issue it just seems to get better and better.

It is because of you, I get to jump out of bed everyday and bring you some of the wild things I've learned about business to encourage you to keep going. The world is a growing melting pot of holistic leaders of tomorrow and needless to say, it's pretty spectacular.

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Let's face it, you're just lucky. You've started a business; you're doing your best to make it work, and even if it's just in the beginning phases of coming to fruition, it sure does feel like heaven and luxurious! You know that leaving the day job or stepping into higher stilettos and reaching your $10K sales goal is just around the corner. With every milestone there are challenges, but there are also rewards. One of the greatest rewards is just simply, loving what you do. You love your clients (even if they come sporadically) and... Shop This Week's Picks

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Inside this Issue: Alchemy Showstoppers