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You Have an Idea, Now How to Make it Happen

Article by Kelly St. Claire
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Where is your vision?
I've had shards of my vision floating all around me, but it was hard to catch them and put them together into something I could dive into and shine like a beacon out into the world.

I would have a huge brilliant idea pop into my head, and would sometimes write it down and build on it, but it eventually got lost to mundane life distractions. In order to find my moxie, I realized the need to harness the sparkle of my vision.

Here's how to find brilliance and pizzazz in your vision.

Dream big, but have a strategy.

Visualize your dreams, feel them, write them, plan them. Add them to your calendar and find a strategy.  Sometimes finding a strategy is the challenging part.

Take action.

All of the dreaming in the world is useless unless you act on it. Your calendar dates will pass by fruitlessly unless you act.  Make a list each day of actions that will bring you closer to your dreams and DO THEM. Set up a schedule and stick to it.  Read More >

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