Less than 4 years ago I was sitting right where you might be now. I was scouring the internet looking for a solution to my problems. The problems were: I wasn't making very much money, I didn't have very good social skills, and I was horrible at selling. So I decided to invest in my business. Over the course of 18 months I'd spent $15K+ on coaching, information products, and attended seminars all over the West Coast. Until one day, I realized my problems STILL weren't solved. I was a little embarrassed when I told my husband I was ready to spend $3500 on yet another coach, but I didn't know where else to turn, I was crying every 12 days. What's a girl to do? The ambition wasn't going away. I needed some answers!


There I sat looking at my library of over 300+ books I'd read on: marketing, sales, affluence, information marketing, branding, e-commerce, website development, SEO, client attraction, blogging, social media, and a crazy amount of self-help books when when a light turned on in my head. What I was lacking wasn't more information, but more individuality. So I threw the rules out the door and I unleashed my inner rebel. I decided to create a system to help emerging industry leaders make a fantastic living playing by their own rules and ultimately shave YEARS off their learning curve and save THOUSANDS of dollars. Surely, if that is what I needed there MUST be others out there who were experiencing the same annoying problem, right?


That's how my Signature System was born. Learning from the industry leaders was keeping me broke, playing small, and being a copycat. I was trying to mirror what they were telling me to do, but I couldn't get a high paying client to save my life! While all the information I learned was valuable, it just wasn't paying the bills. I performed my Signature System program for FREE to a few lucky beta-clients and to my pleasant surprise they started getting clients too. I was onto something! I never went to a networking event or sold a thing-- heck i didn't know how to sell! Honestly, I didn't even leave my house; the system literally sold itself. My bank account grew to $15K in 30 days and now my husband loves my business. The secret ingredient to a ridiculously successful business: create your signature system. 

Are you ready to DO what people say you CANNOT?

Are You Ready To:

Make $10K+ per Month
Own Your Niche
Be the Leading Lady in Your Industry
Be a Trendsetter
NEVER Sell Again!
Give Back to Your Community
Craft a Visionary Company
Create HOT + Irresistible Products/Programs
Stop Copy-Catting
Play by Your Own Rules 

Do You Struggle With:

Getting Quality Clients
Online/Offline Marketing
Where to Advertise
Putting Together a Marketing Plan
Finding Your Kismet Client
Making Your Desired Income
Positioning Yourself as the Expert
Discovering Your Niche

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