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Lola is a woman of simplistic sex appeal who tends to think normal is boring. She will always opt for neutrals and animal prints over bold colors and her closet is packed with stilettos, rock 'n roll booties, and capri jeans. While this woman has impeccable taste, there is a 60's babe in a white t-shirt and dripping black eyeliner living in the depths of her soul. While she may be a woman of few words, when Lola speaks, every one listens. Shop Lola's Closet

Willow is a flower child who has a love affair with the art world, but not to be misconstrued, this woman is a creative force who uses her art as an outlet for self expression. Whether she's frolicking in the wilderness with her fancy Canon camera in a vintage pair of beat up cowboy boots or writing lyrics to a song about death, this fine lady of many talents wins the hearts of bohemian misfits, crafty artisans, and men who aspire to be her arm candy. Shop Willow's Closet

Bahar is a the kind of gal that walks into a room and commands attention. Her infectious laugh, vibrant wardrobe, and zest for luxury, captures the eyeballs of lurkers and starers. If you're lucky, you'll bump into this woman sifting through bold printed quilts at flea markets, traveling the world in search of exquisite ethnic jewelry, or dining at her favorite exotic restaurant. She has a zeal for eclecticism and her down-to-earth, witty humor is rad. Shop Bahar's Closet