Amy Contreras


The Holistic Babe

I help worldly people in transition who struggle with being ridiculously tired, bloated, migraines and eczema to create a well-nourished and spiritually awakened life that heals them to the absolute core.

If you are like myself and you've found yourself crying on the floor asking for guidance from the Universe to help with your health, you've come to the right place.

I went through 33 years of my life thinking food was the devil because every time I took a bite of something I was bloated, my blood sugar was super wonky and I thought I was going to Die from the pain. Drinking , forgot about that shit! If I had a sip of beer I was bloated for 2 months! I felt like I was birthing a prehistoric animal from the sharp pain. I never brushed my hair because my scalp was so tender and my eczema was excruciatingly embarrassing.

Not Sexy. I ate well, so I thought, after all I was an ova lacto- vegetarian that loved pasta and bread. I grew up on that food! Can you relate? I lived on cheese-its! Processed food, again, not sexy. Can you see the pattern of a stellar health model here? It wasn't until I went to a voodoo doctor that I realized there was something else to my diet that wasn't working.

7 years ago I met this woman who changed my life in Inglewood in the worst neighborhood possible and let me tell you, it was not cheap! I spent my two-week check on her services. I did everything she suggested, took her Chinese herbs and tinctures and Boom! I felt amazing, first time in my life! I wasn't sad and depressed, didn't have migraines and surprise, I wasn't bloated.

I started to lose weight and soon was on my way to a better understanding of life. Three months went by and slowly I started to incorporate foods that I loved and missed out on, then soon started feeling horrible again. I had gone to the doctors for blood test and nothing was coming up. I finally went to a blood specialist and they looked at my cells closely on the big screen.

The doctor said to me "Amy your cells are bleaching from the inside out. If you didn't change your life immediately you will age very quickly and get breast cancer because my body was attacking itself." I was poisoning my body at an alarming rate with the foods that I was eating and my lifestyle. I was gaining weight rapidly and losing muscle for a one way ticket to osteoporosis. I worked out daily, ate well, but had a bowel movement every 4 days if I was lucky and still struggled. Why was this happening? I needed to invest in myself for self-care and pay attention to my needs. It was time.

I changed my life that day.

Enough was enough and I needed extra help. I wanted to live a balanced lifestyle that helped me attune with my inner whisper to listen to those gut feelings.

Now I am vested to help others in transition to find nourishment to the core. I will take you on a full spiritual journey to reconnect to tap into those root problems and issues you are so desperately trying to understand.

Do you feel like you are alone , depressed and out of control? Are you tired of someone telling you that you have to diet and give up Everything you love including wine?

Or perhaps you don't want to be social because of the lack of energy you have to do things with your family or friends, like riding a bike?

I help those reboot to the core with a detox and gut health to build that relationship with your temple to take you on a spiritual journey tapping into the intuition of your body. No more excuses, ready to clear up that eczema to have the confidence to put on that super sexy outfit without looking like you have a bunch of hickeys on your neck?

Holistic Babe body works to synchronize body, mind all the way down to the root of your chakras.

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