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Life Hacktivist® and Consultant Camille Davis helps women and business’ in the divorce arena awaken + ignite their vision so they can create epic change and manifest transformation with ease. 

Camille has quickly risen as a leading expert in this niche and offers personalized consulting services providing a much-needed shift and focus in the Industry to one of service and engagement.

What was the catalyst? In 2009 after hearing the words “I don’t give a shit about you” a traumatic life shift in the form of divorce happened to her. After dealing, healing and moving forward with her life Camille became an IT Consultant, who works collaboratively with Physician Champions, Department of Education Directors and Directors of Nursing to bring the best personalized training to onsite clinicians across the country. 

That’s when she turned her pain into her purpose and shifted towards the life coaching industry; with her experience and skill set she began coaching other women who were struggling with life after divorce. Growing quickly led to other Industry coaches and business’ reaching out for guidance on market segment reach and engagement.

Now, through her exclusive consulting services she’s here to help you overhaul your approach to all things divorce while making it feel like an easy transition, which she calls an “edit”. The Exclusive Style Edit for Divorce! That’s what she calls it because “the marketing today is so antiquated, that it is almost antediluvian” she says.

Her advice, insights & articles have been featured in Holistic Fashionista® Magazine, the book: The Power of Letting Go- How to Heal Yourself and the World, The Amazing People Podcast and The Girlfriends’ Pocket Guide to the First Year of Divorce.

Her adoring fans + clients have called her “life-saving” and “inspirational.”
And when she’s not consulting, you’ll find her indulging in swanky hotel suites, chocolate covered Almond M&M's and yearly sistergirl travel.

Connect with Camille + get ready to move forward with ease!

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