Desiree Marie Ledo


Invisible Goddess: Rejection to Radiance

Desiree Marie Leedo is the Founder and Author of Invisible Goddess®, helping women who are struggling with issues of rejection and betrayal to release their pain, re-create their relationships from the inside out and emerge with full authority into the life of their dreams.
She is the creator of Luminous Divorce® and Luminous for Life®, coaching programs that help women heal from emotional devastation and step into real radiance.
In her book, Invisible Goddess: Step Out from The Shadows and Shine!®, she teaches women how to heal their heartache and re-connect to their self-esteem, equipping them with all the tools they need to powerfully re-create every area of their lives after Divorce and Separation.
While her unique, cutting-edge process is a powerful mix of all that she has learned and experienced in both her personal and professional life over the last 15 years, it's her warm, feminine approach that has won her so many loyal fans.
Desiree has trained with and facilitated alongside some of the leading experts in her field, including Dr. Eric Pearl and Dr. John Demartini. She is deeply committed to helping women step fully into their radiance.

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