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Charismatic Imprint

I remember growing up my self-esteem was pretty low. I was sometimes teased at school. Yes, I was friends with the “cool kids” but didn’t always feel comfortable in a world that had “rules” for belonging. I guess that was my inner rebel just wanting to do it my way.

Somewhere in my early teens I discovered a love for fashion and found myself. 

At 16 I began my career in retail fashion working part time while attending school. I knew this was where I belonged. In my early twenties when most of my friends were getting married I knew I wanted more, something different, something exciting. So I left my world behind – I packed up moved from Toronto to Montreal (at that time the fashion capital of Canada) and became a buyer for one of the largest retail chains in the country. It wasn’t an easy job but I loved it, and of course some of the perks. Traveling to London, Paris, Milan, New York & LA for styling ideas to bring back to the Canadian marketplace. At this point in my life I was on a high – I felt like I could do nothing wrong. I found a new confidence, something I was good at, something that not everyone else could do. 

I was married to a great guy, had two amazing children, a beautiful home and a great life. I left my job when we decided to move back to Toronto. Together with a partner we designed, manufactured and imported small leather goods and fashion accessories. 

A few years later my world collapsed when my husband, who was my biggest supporter passed away. I felt really alone but had to stay strong for my kids. Here I was feeling lost again. I needed a change so I tried various businesses but nothing felt right. Having lunch with a friend, still not clear about my future, she suggested I go back into something fashion related because that’s what I was so good at. I knew she was right but not wanting a traditional job I tried to figure out a way to monetize my talents and experience online. Sadly, I had no idea how to make that happen but the eternal optimist in me was determined to succeed.

I needed to find my “purpose”. Sitting on my couch all day watching soaps wasn’t my idea of living a meaningful life. I’m not about going out for lunch every day or spending the day shopping. (I love to do both but not every day). I spent so many years working and being a wife and mother, surely I had something of value to share. The quest began for my “what” and “how”.
I attended a few live events hosted by a coach I started to follow. I tried some of her online home study programs and found myself intrigued with the variety of businesses people were making money at online. The key for me was to nail the marketing, to find the women I could help, and to find a way to do all this online.

I wasted fortunes on coaching programs that told me what to do but not how to make it happen, along with opinions of what they thought I should be or do. My inner rebel was kicking in again. I wanted to know “what to do” and “how to apply it to my ideal” business. 

Eventually I found a coach that understood me, where I was coming from and what I wanted to achieve. I finally felt like me and not a version of what other coaches thought I should be. Charismatic Imprint was born. 
I now help other women 50+ live a meaningful stylish life. Using their life and career experience to build a new business that gives them freedom (financially and time-wise) to live with style doing whatever they want, whenever they want, with whomever they choose.

My mission is to build a community of strong, independent stylish women. 
I vowed never to be like the coaches who cared more about their bank account than the success of their clients. For me it’s about the connection and your success.

Now, I love my life. I have time to spend with my family and friends, I am free to travel any time anywhere and work from wherever I am. I meet truly great people and work with clients I love.

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