If holistic health, marketing, and style fell in love and had a little baby, they would have named her
Holistic Fashionista.

We believe every woman has the ability to use her femininity and her brain to change the world, but with low-quality products crowding our grocery stores, news feeds, and email accounts, it’s no wonder we are conditioned to look for a quick-fix when a problem shows up.

But we want (and are) changing all that. We are pioneering a movement to support holistic leaders and lightworkers who want to make the world a happier, healthier, and more stylish place to be by offering holistic solutions to every day problems. From getting clear skin, to having healthier relationships, to learning to love ourselves unconditionally, our mission is to celebrate life and it’s potent natural healers:

* Essential Oils
* Organic Foods
* Safe Ingredients/Products
* Self-Love
* Deep Conversations
* Brain Power/Education
* Personal Style
* Finding Your Higher Calling

* Philanthropy and Giving Back
* Decor/Environment
* Celebrating Life (with and without cocktails)
* Herbalism & Alternative Medicine
* Authentic Relationships
* Cultural Acceptance
* Healthy Communication Style
* And More

In 2012, Holistic Fashionista first launched as an e-commerce retail shop featuring indie designer jewelry, boutique fashion brands, avant-garde footwear, and holistic remedies--but in just 2-months the brand morphed into a designer platform and interactive magazine showcasing curated fashion, holistic products/expertise, and marketing advice to change makers around the globe.

During this time, The Club was born, a private membership and community where magazine contributors could gain online marketing education, publicity for their brands, and develop quality relationships with other holistic leaders with it’s sole purpose to bring more awareness to our clients' cause.

While the magazine nourished thousands of unique visitors every month with our Club Members published articles, exclusive interviews, and business trendsetter cover features, we launched an advanced business academy to support our clients’ growing businesses!

The Higher Calling School of Business is a 12-month program, where students gain mastery in:

* Marketing Their Brands Online with a Plan
* Growing Their Tribe of Kismet Clients®
* Developing a Collection of Products/Services
* Creating Systems to Automate Their Business

* Overcoming Fears of Technology
* Aligning Their Business with a Cause
* Utilizing The Internet to Earn a Beautiful Living
* Gain Access to the Free Mini Course

If you are looking to become a part of a growing organization whose motivation is to see your holistic business succeed, and you’re ready to fill a leadership role, Holistic Fashionista is your go-to portal for driving awareness to your cause through social media, our interactive magazine, and providing you with a state-of-the-art marketing education your business needs to reach your Kismet Clients® worldwide.♥