POINTS 38-48

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Bahar the Visionary is an idealist. She has the keen ability to think 100 steps ahead of the rest; in fact, she thinks so far down the road that sometimes she has a hard time getting started. With a BIG mission, usually dedicated to serving the world with forward-thinking and ahead-of-her-time products, this over-achiever is here to make huge strides in the world, IF she can stay focused on a project long enough to see it to fruition. A dedicated Bahar archetype will embrace the challenge and spearhead her calling with verve and perseverance.

As a Visionary, she might struggle with the highs and lows, also known as the roller coaster ride of the entrepreneur's journey. The innovation and downright genius that lives inside her brain is enough to bog down anyone. As the saying goes, 'Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are usually the ones who do." They were referring to Bahar.

And her fashion sense is exquisite. She LOVES the finer things in life. Good art, nice textiles, expensive soy candles, and lighting that makes your skin glow in the dark. Bahar isn't about to just slab on any ole cosmetic; she respects her body too much. She'll opt for dropping a pretty penny at Wholefoods on skincare that is organic and free of parabens and chemicals. To say it lightly, Bahar is extremely educated. She takes the time to research her purchases, because she can't be bothered by gimmicks. She is the real deal and in business she is no different.

While beating to her own drum gets a little scary at times, more often than not this Visionary feels alone and at times, like she doesn't belong, which often results in enjoying her solitude a wee too much-- probably because she's wicked smart and can't relate to everyone. However, it is in those hours of solitude she makes and creates her most prized possessions: change! Bahar is a Change Agent. She needs to get use to the fact that there aren't many of those walking the streets of every town.

If you ever wondered how the world evolved, shifted or changed at lightening speed, it was from the work of Bahar the Visionary. With the right balance of solitude and marketing this woman will be naturally successful! Her vision and altruistic nature allows her to BE the change she wishes to see in the world and then she goes on to help others do the same. The world just would not be the same or as miraculous without this fine lady. If she truly knows what's best for her, she'll accept the fact that her kind is rare and that being the exception to the rule is a GIFT. It's time to take out that magic wand and command the attention you deserve. The world is waiting.

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