POINTS 16-26

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Lola the Rebel may have gotten a bad reputation in high school, but in business... she's who the industry leaders are looking to for what 'trends' they can trickle up from. You see, being a trendsetter is about taking risks; risks that usually ordinary people are too scared to take until they are ready to jump on the bandwagon. But Lola could care less about trends or what's hot on the runway this season. She doesn't want to be told what to do or what to wear; and thinks the color of the season is just a big ole marketing ploy to keep people in the rat race of consumerism. She'd much rather do things her way. And that's why we love her so much. She's a rebel. She likes to bend and break the rules in all areas of life.

The Lola Archetype is downright cool and her sense of style screams Kate Moss chic. From your typical cigarette jean paired with furry jackets, band tees, and chunky metal jewelry, the Lola muse is anything but ordinary. Try tousling your hair with beach bedhead products, choose a tough bracelet to balance your feminine edge. When it comes to shoes and accessories, keep it sassy! Pointy stilettos, rugged boots, and animal print bags to showcase your inner Lola.

This rebellious pioneer sees an opportunity to be different and runs with it. Being a misfit or breaking new ground is a high the rebel just can't live without. Have you ever been wielded in by a youtube video of someone talking a bunch of nonsense, or better yet, they are saying things you think but don't ever say? Then you end up watching their other 10 videos? Their authenticity is infectious and admirable. Even if what they are saying is grammatically poor and their appeal down right offensive, their allure is undeniable.

Lola's are born to lead, IF they can see their angst and rebellion as gifts-- she'll be shocked how quickly she can appeal to the masses. This rebellious trendsetter is ready to take chances in the marketplace; isn't afraid to be herself; and will do what it takes to get her point across LOUD and clear. If she's ready to use her VOICE to build her brand, the sky is truly the limit. The world is C-R-A-V-I-N-G more rebels!

So take your hat off to Lola the Rebel, or better yet, keep it on-- spray paint some weird looking stencil on it and go out and own your style. If properly guided this misfit has the gumption to make millions and ultimately be the trendsetter that will not only inspire a zillion copycats, but will move mountains to let individuality ignite creativity.

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