POINTS 27-37

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Willow the Tastemaker has a keen eye for design. She knows how to create beauty in the world, turn regular items into priceless possessions, and will never sacrifice her artistic taste for medicority. The Willow's of the world generally end up designers, photographers, fashionistas, musicians, and artistic types amongst many other aesthetically pleasing career paths, but what some of these amazing people don't know is that they ARE the future. Without the tastemakers, stuff wouldn't sell, people wouldn't buy, and commerce + economies would suffer!

Big corporations will pay big bucks to unlock the hidden talents of the Tastemaker, for without these fabulous people marketing would be a big 'ole eye soar. Willow has the ability to make things look pretty so that style is never left out of the product before it hits the market. She knows how to perfectly marry design and function and that equals SALES. There is a reason iphone cases are trendy and eye-catching packaging is on the rise, because things that look good release good feelings in the brain and get people to whip out their credit card.

Willow's fashion sense is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e. People stop her on the streets to say, 'nice threads girlfriend!' She loves sporting an artistic flair to each of her ensembles. She mixes and matches designer duds with vintage finds and knows how to make them look effortlessly classy and eclectic. Her wardrobe is filled with sentimental pieces of jewelry, some that belonged to her great grandmother, and handmade treasures she designed while retreating in Costa Rica. Willow is beyond a trendsetter, she is an anomaly. People not only want to bite her style, they want to be her!

What Willow might not realize is if she isn't careful, her artistic talents might go undervalued by the reflection of the person in the mirror, HERSELF. She might suffer from doing favors for friends for peanuts, struggle to find a J.O.B. where she isn't bored in five minutes or undercharge for her services. However, this savvy Tastemaker has the ability to create a lucrative and lasting business if she can value her artistic talents, charge what she's worth, never settle, and team up with business-minded folks who will help her get to the next level. If you're a Tastemaker, it's time to own your exquisite palette, increase your rates, and remember: without YOU, no one is getting rich! You are the magic in the Capitalists equation. Own it.

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