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AWAKENINGS is Holistic Fashionista's sixth collaborative book dedicated to helping others through the awakening process through the power of story. This book will be inspirational book of memoirs for those looking for solace during their spiritual awakening.



JANUARY 31st, 2019 -



In 2013, we published our first collaborative book, HOLISTIC FASHIONISTA MEMOIRS, sold on Amazon and Barnes + Noble, with 36 lightworkers who shared their real life personal stories on how they overcame adversity, persevered, and started a business that represented their Higher Calling. 

Since then, we are getting ready to release our second book this Fall, which will continue to inspire our women around the world to take their life into their own hands through the power of ceremonial living and are now ready to begin our fourth book!


Founded by metaphysical teacher Angel Quintana, Holistic Fashionista is a magazine and temple supporting holistic leaders of tomorrow. Established in 2012, the platform has grown to serve thousands of people worldwide in bringing awareness to spiritually conscious brands whose chief aim is to be of service to the world. From high vibrational publicity and collaborative book publishing to astrology classes and spiritual apothecary, Holistic Fashionista is a guide to 5th dimensional living. To learn more, visit



What we're looking for...

We are looking for individuals who have endured a spiritual awakening to share a personal memoir-style chapter in our AWAKENINGS book. If you have landed on this page, it's because you've been cordially invited to contribute.



An awakening is an act of waking up to what no longer serves you, a conscious awareness of your place in the world, a longing for togetherness and inner peace, a way of living that lives in the now, a new beginning that connects you to the divine.

What we’d love to explore in our "Spiritual Awakening" book:

Many of us have had more than one spiritual awakening in our life so far, and many more to come. We ask that if you’d like to contribute to this book that you choose 1 potent awakening in your life and share it in a memoirs-style chapter. Your chapter can be up to 1800 words in length. Your chapter should outline the trials and tribulations that you endured and how the transformation of this awakening affected your life, career, relationships, or experience with life in general. The more real and raw, the better!





We have hired a professional editor for this project. This means, when you turn in your 500-1800 word chapter, we'll be sending it off to be formatted, spellchecked, and grammatically edited. We want you to be proud of this co-creation, which is why we'll send you a digital copy of your chapter to approve before it goes to print.



As a contributor, you'll receive 1 copy for HOLISTIC FASHIONISTA AWAKENINGS printed book and a digital pdf. If you'd like to purchase additional book at wholesale to use for your own business, this option is also available to you.



With your contribution to this book, you'll also be provided with a Press Release, magazine advertising feature, social media memes, swipe copy, and more! We want you (and the rest of the contributors) to share this book far and wide so every lightbeing on the planet that is going through the ascension process and is seeking support!



Hi there! I'm Angel, the founder of Holistic Fashionista and I'm excited to potentially have you in our sixth collaborative book! If you’re new to Holistic Fashionista, I cannot wait to show you around! I’ve included a bundle with some of my most popular trainings to help you get better acquainted with who we are and what I LOVE to teach! Let me know if you have any questions!



You've had a spiritual awakening, perhaps even a dozen. Now what? The SPIRITUAL POWERHOUSE BUNDLE includes classes on topics around shadow work, communication with the divine, stepping into your Higher Calling, marketing your spiritual business, and doing it all with the Aquarian energy: against the grain and with your own personal style!

• Solar Sisters - Signs, Symbols, and Messages - 1hr 10mins

• Business Astrology Roundtable - Lilith - 1hr 29mins

• Business Astrology Roundtable - Radiate Your Soul's Purpose - 3hrs 3mins

• How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland - 1hr 2mins

• Full Moon in Aquarius Ritual - 1hr 8mins

• Turn All Your Passions into a Cohesive Brand - 1hr 36mins

• Mama Bear Marketing - 1hr 8mins

• 15mL bottle of Lola's Intuition, a psychic potion

♡ All digital products are instant access. Elixir accompanying this bundle will be shipped separately. *Shipping is not included


The investment to contribute in our book is just $129!

If you have any questions regarding this opportunity, please reach out to or see our FAQ below. We have a strict deadline of January 31st, 2019 to receive your final draft of your chapter. Once we receive your chapter, we'll begin the editing process. Our goal is to have this book released in late Spring 2019 — or sooner.

* Once all the spots are filled up, we won't be accepting any more contributions. So if you feel called to be a part of this
collaboration, encourage you to sign-up now. Our books tend to fill up in a matter of weeks.


Please Note: Due to the time sensitivity of this project, there are no refunds.
Please decide to commit to this project before signing up. Thank you.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is there an investment to contribute?

A: I've found, the most successful collaborative projects are the ones where both parties are invested. Because I'm huge into Law of Attraction, I only want contributors who feel a strong desire to collaborate, for this project is truly sacred to me.


Q: What does the investment get me?

A: As mentioned above, you will receive 1 paperback book, a pdf version of the book, a media package to help promote the book, and a professional editor to edit your chapter.


Q: Will I receive royalties from sales of the book?

A: It would be too complicated from a bookkeeping standpoint to release royalties for a book with this many contributors. However, there is an option to purchase more books at wholesale cost so you can sell the book on your own website(s) and keep all the earnings.


Q: When is the deadline to sign-up?

A: Once all the spots are taken, I will take down this page. If you're seeing this page, we still have some spots available. Once you sign-up, you are guaranteed to be published in the book. 


Q: When do I have to turn my chapter in by?

A: The deadline to submit your chapter is Jan 31, 2019. This is when we will be turning the entire book over to the editor. This will allow us to be able to launch the book by early Winter!


Q: I'd like to write my chapter on something specific? Does it require your approval?

A: You were selected to contribute in the book for your Light and energy. If there is something specific you'd like to write about, please feel free to! All we ask is that all the content for the book is uplifting, non-religious specific, and high vibrational in nature.


Q: I'm not sure this opportunity is right for me. Do I have time to think about it?

A: If you're not sure if this project is right for you, it probably isn't. We only want people to contribute who feel this is in complete alignment with who they are, the vibration of the book, and are excited to be a part of it!