The Academy

Late Payments:

Payments 1+ day past due will NOT have access to any Academy trainings or perks. Payments 7 days past due will be removed entirely and any discounted tuition will not be renewed or honored-- this includes Club Memberships, Chapter Leaders, Bonus Trainings, Private Community, and all Academy related products and services. Holistic Fashionista will send out reminders regarding past due payments. If payment is not remitted within 7 days, Holistic Fashionista will suspend and remove student from all Academy perks without further notice.

Payment plan interruptions occurring more than twice, will result in collecting remaining tuition balance in full and no further payment plan options will honored. In addition, a $100 reinstatement fee will added to remaining tuition.

Cancellation Policy: 

There are no refunds or cancellations accepted. Once you make a downpayment or enroll in The Academy, you are obligated to pay for your tuition to its completion. Once The Academy certification program has ended (6-months), you will not have access to the membership area or community or have access to any additional trainings or perks.

Deliquency/Re-Enrollment Policy

Should Academy student decide to return to complete the Philanthropic Brand certification program at a later date (after termination due to untimely remittance of tuition payments), student is not eligible for any promotional Academy tuition. However, any payments received towards the training program can be used towards the remaining balance of The Academy's original tuition of $4997. Past students are not eligible for a payment plan option.

Refund Policy

All Academy tuition payments are final. No refunds or credits will be given. 

If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, do not enroll in The Academy.