Hey there, I'm Angel Quintana, the founder of Holistic Fashionista. Let's get to know each other better...(I bet you'll be shocked to discover, we're probably a lot alike!)

One day, I woke up sick and tired of putting on the same ole shoes as everyone else. I suppose that's what led me to San Francisco for college. It was during those years I learned I was an entrepreneur-- and that I had a lot to learn about business and shoe shopping.

After several attempts at starting my own business, all of which never made any money, I started to get annoyed. Why do some businesses never thrive while others soar until their well runs dry? And what about those companies that make millions and never go out of style!? That kept me up at night. My burning question was to figure out how to create a sustainable business that makes lots of money without being a copycat.

Perhaps my story is similar to yours. I worked at a lot of places before I found my niche (and the answer to my head-beating question.) I started out at a hip San Francisco search engine where I learned all the "online ad sales" stuff. I left a few years later due to boredom (Napster got shut down) and decided it was time to start my fourth business as a fashion designer at the ripe age of 25.

But that came with a whole other set of problems. Little did I know, starting a clothing business was hard work and challenged me in ways I had never been challenged before. It might takes GUTS to pursue your dreams, but it takes a bit of insanity to start a fashion company. 

After five years, I realized my dream wasn't turning into dollars; it was turning it into severe credit card debt. While I was no longer bored, instead I was broke; I was like a lost little squirrel running through the forest with no nuts. It sucked!


I was too impatient to wait for opportunity to knock, so I built a f*cking door.



I already had a taste of what following the dream was like and I sure as heck wasn't going back to corporate America. After all, I had this rebellion in me that wouldn't quit and what's a few bucks in credit card debt? That just meant I tried something new and purchased a few things I never wore, right? After trying on many new hats, I realized that was my niche and part of THE answer to my burning question.  

As I analyzed one business and brand after another, I discovered most businesses have a rinse and repeat business model. Just as we are taught to get good grades, and go to a good college, in business we are also taught to NOT reinvent the wheel and simply do what works. As a result we have a lot cookie-cutter businesses. That's when we find ourselves in a saturated market, where trends quickly turn to fads and you guessed it, making money becomes extremely difficult!

For me, trying to wear someone else's shoes (or reinvent some industry leaders business model) was all a big hoax to keep us playing follow-the-leader. If you have credit card debt, have worn a lot of different hats in your career, and are actively looking to shake up the norm, and feel you are being called to make a difference in

the lives' of others, that leads me to believe you are a Holistic Fashionista! A Holistic Fashionista goes her own way, gets in her own way, but nevertheless, she paves the way. She is here to teach her life lessons and be an influencer to thousands of people.

But the BEST part of about being a Holistic Fashionista is the entrepreneur's roller coaster ride subsides, extreme creativity sets it, and all of a sudden it's time to play BIG. What feels uncomfortable and scary at first becomes exciting and extremely motivating. When you're motivated to succeed watch out, that's when the money flows like water.

It only took me four businesses and 17 years to learn all of this. Today I've made it my business to help change makers shorten the learning curve to successfully curating a holistic business online around a higher calling without the financial woes.♥ 



Angel Quintana is an author, metaphysical teacher, business mentor, and apothecary who is known for her thought-provoking lectures that empower the modern day holistic leader. 

Her holistic approach to internet marketing is personalizing the way we look at money generating activities; while her forward-thinking trade concepts, Signature System® and Kismet Client®, inspire others to think for themselves, embody their gifts, and create noteworthy products that solve problems from their root in order to build spiritual and physical wealth.

Learn more about Angel at www.AngelQuintana.com.




"After working with Angel in discovering my Kismet Clients®, I signed my first big high-end client; it felt great and it was all because of the work we did together in her program and it has been continuing ever since!"      

-Marinna Rose, Spitfires & Sea Roses


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