Change Agents: The Artisans of the World


Dear Diary,


As I sit here under my acrylic chandelier facing a wall made of windows in my new home office with Bandit (my 1-year old puppy) resting at my feet, sporting my cabernet red Harley Davidson hoodie, Ugg boots, and parted-in-the-middle hippie hair, I feel a sense of clarity around my accomplishments. I understand how I got here and how it wasn't all my doing. Even with my office still be in a bit of disarray, my staff is strong, my head is clear, and my tribe, well they are ridiculously cool. I feel very fortunate.

While each day presents a new challenge that often feels like a winding flight of stairs that often leads to a door I've never opened before, today I'm standing on top of the staircase with 5 pieces of golden advice.

Firstly, you absolutely must have a team or a phone-call-away roster of phenomenal resources, aka as PEOPLE that get you. Without the talent to support you on your journey, you’re really left with a bunch of ambitions that may or may not come to fruition. The stronger the team, the stronger your products, programs, services will be, and the more lives you will touch. It’s finding these people that is the real challenge. I now understand why interior designers hoard their resources, because it took them years of trial and error to find talented people who can help execute their vision. Resources are like BLING. They are gold. Treat them as so.

Secondly, being humble in your business keeps you open-minded. I cannot tell you how many times I ask my interns, assistants, and random (smart) people their opinion on something, even something as small as do you like that “line” there. The details are important, but in the end you must make the final decision, even when it feels impossible. That is why joining a mastermind group or having a small group of friends who share similar goals is priceless. I cannot tell you how valuable being humble can be for your business, and more importantly, finding those special people who you trust to share that humility with.

An artist goes their own way without worrying about what others think, say, or do. An artist allows herself to be vulnerable, thinks for herself, and decides what’s best for her.

Thirdly, every day I get closer to understanding my business through the lens of an Artist. An artist goes their own way without worrying about what others think, say, or do. An artist allows herself to be vulnerable, thinks for herself, and decides what’s best for her. I feel that being an artist is one of the highest forms of creativity, for it is our art that celebrates our individuality, inspires others to be more of themselves, and ultimately creates a planet filled with new ideas and more love. When we accept that we are all different, that acceptance becomes a powerful force for change. I’ve dedicated my life to being a Change Agent for Individuality.

Over the past 13 months in business I have worked diligently to build an incredible team, tribe, and work of art. I trust my instincts. I listen to my inner voice. I fine tune my craft obsessively. On a daily basis, I take action to meet like-minded people who are passionate about their work! I choose to surround myself with smart people who see beneath the phony bullshit of those so-called-leaders who belittle + condescend others to grow their bank accounts. Those very special people who are here to make a serious difference in the world through their art, who feel deeply, and who strive to keep a smile on their face because seeing the beauty is far grander, are people I admire. I refer to these individuals as Change Agents. In fact, I've built a tribe of Change Agents. How cool is that!?

This exclusive group of individuals remind me that being a Change Agent is hard work because it involves a heavy dose of humility. I often wonder if humility has gone out of style or something? Every time I stumble upon a Facebook ad or magically end up on someone’s mailing list, for whom I never subscribed, everybody seems to be preaching about how they have all the answers to your problems, as if they have the magic pill or something. I call BS on that. They aren't Change Agents; those people are pushy salesmen.

I will continue to do the self development work to be a better leader, to be more patient, take deeper breaths, and remember that I am an Artist.


Being a good leader has become a very important role to me. I know I can improve. I know I can be a better example of the change I wish to see in the world. I will continue to do the self development work to be a better leader, to be more patient, take deeper breaths, and remember that I am an Artist. Even if I don’t paint, draw, or sing on stage, I have an art that is being crafted daily; it’s bringing me closer to my truth, which in turn is bringing me more success that I ever thought imaginable, even though success is a feeling I haven't mastered.

I wonder if my inability to feel successful is a characteristic a Change Agent. Is that why the Change Agents I've met and loved are so humble? Perhaps being a Change Agent isn't about feeling or even being successful; maybe it's truly about changing the world and showing others how important their role is on the planet no matter how we choose to label them. What I do know for sure is I cannot change the world alone. I need a team, a tribe, and a dose of humility to continue to be the leader I wish to see in the world. And that takes practice.



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