Puppy Panache

We all like to look good, and when we look good we subsequently feel good. The same is true for our pets. Bobo Bandits was founded on the principal that a dog knows when it’s adorable, and every dog deserves the proper accessories to be so fetching.

When you wrap your little canine up in a cheap imitation outfit, make no mistake…they don’t like it. How would you like to be swaddled in some synthetic fabric made from recycled motor oil and walked down the street like a dime-store puppet? Dogs deserve better, and that’s why there’s Bobo Bandits.

Not only are our doggie accessories fashionable, chic, and contemporary in a style that’s all their own, but they’re all made with quality fabrics and crafted by hand in Los Angeles.  Our products are a cut above there rest: first-rate craftsmanship and superb design that never takes itself too seriously, and is always ready to chase a cat from the catwalk.