Lindsey Strong Lekhraj


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Lindsey Lekhraj is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsey began her journey to wellness early in life starting as a chronically ill child, overweight teen, and then miserable young adult. After a 15-year career in the beauty industry, her path to healing led her to wellness through the study of Holistic Nutrition and Kundalini yoga and meditation. Through Wellevation Collective, Lindsey's passion for personal empowerment is shared with those on their own journey by shining a light on realistic holistic daily practices to help others feel and look like the brightest version of themselves.


Jentana Lee Dabbs


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Jentana Lee Dabbs is CEO of This Chick Is On Fire, published author, media host, speaker, transformation teacher, certified hypnotherapist, law of attraction and confidence expert. She is known for her ability to open awareness and inspiration, through her thought-provoking teachings that ignite and transform women into masters of their desires and destinies.

Her holistic approach to assertive power and confidence unleashes an energy and mindset through her “Power Of Worth Academy,” that tells the world “Your Worth Is Non-Negotiable!” As she works from the inside out to move you over your biggest mountains to climb to a higher consciousness of worthiness, wealth and achievment that is your God-given right!

Ca Saundra Phillips


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With Cassie's Cutting-Edge Insight, she can help you see your purpose and get you back on your Divine Aligned Path. She can help guide you to see where your pain came from originally. Cassie will help release these limiting belief systems that hold you captive to your true life! She can help you become the MAIN character in your life again! With her competitive advantage creating rapid change, Cassie is always staying up to date with how to best serve you due to having the unique ability to identify what others don't. She knows deep down that she is meant to serve others to a degree like no other, with her trendsetting ways and showing others how to manistest and co-create! Cassie is an Advanced Akashic Soul Record Consultant and Teacher and she is now taking clients that have a high will power to create those changes in their lives!

Cori Stuart


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Cori Stuart is a holistic healer who helps women experience joy and stress less by building on self trust and love through a combination of mindset mentorship and energy work. Cori uses energy tools such as reiki and crystals to help the body and soul to heal itself and create a loving environment within and surrounding the body. She also serves as a mentor to create empowered mindset through the universal laws while specializing in self care, love and boundaries. 

When Cori is not assisting clients to follow their soul song, she enjoy spending time with her family, including two beagles, and putting her feet in the ocean or hiking North Carolina trails. She is a firm believer in the classroom of life and eagerly continues to learn more about how to create more joy in life through different energy practices and studies of the mind.

Click here to learn more about Cori.

Katherine Barnidge


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Katherine Barnidge is a visionary, transformational healer, psychic and mentor offering her Self-Actualization Mentorship Programs online at any distance. Her work does not flinch from the heart of what it means to be human; to be a woman in our modern times, faced with the task of choosing a life instead of having it chosen. She teaches the arts of healing to women, specific to individual design, combining personal strategy with psychic education and spiritual healing work. This is the purpose and love of her life. She is trained 15 years in the vedic sciences, healing, clairvoyance, and trance mediumship, always uncovering and putting the pieces together she can find. She loves to swim in light-filled water, spend time alone, make peace, make love, explore, change, learn and take great, personal strides with the possibilities of life.


Lillian Adele Shewring


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Lillian is an eco-conscious artist, holistic counsellor, meditation teacher, healer, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, blogger and content creator interested in exploring the intersection between human creativity, spirituality and well-being. 

With a holistic approach to healing her aim is to create spaces for personal and collective growth and expanding consciousness through various creative, spiritual and therapeutic modalities including sacred healing arts, meditation and self-care rituals. Empowering people to explore, discover and express their true authentic selves freely, living in vibrant alignment with ourselves and the infinite cosmic universe. 

Feel welcome to contact Lillian through her website to find out more about her work.

Courtney Allison


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Courtney Allison is a psychic medium, reiki master, and a reader of Lenormand divination cards. She resides in lower New York with her two children and two mischievous cats, performing readings and making spiritual jewelry. 

Being in the funeral industry for several years has made her extremely aware and compassionate towards grief. She strives to bring healing and a little humor to all her readings with spirit and their loved ones still here.

Jen Peters


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Jen Peters is a soul guide, healer, and love and life transformation coach. She has an unshakable passion and gift for empowering women to connect with their own souls’ wisdom and guiding them out of toxic or narcissistic relationship cycles and into healthy relationships and the Divine Truth of who they are. 
Her mission is to help truth seekers all over the world release and fully transcend limitations that stand between them and a life they truly love and to fully align with the calling of their soul. 
As a Starseed, Jen uses a powerful blend of energy -based healing modalities to effectively serve the needs of her clients who are located all over the world. 
Her favourite past times include writing, soaking up the sun and sea near her home, indulging in spiritual practices and making memories with her beautiful son and their delightfully mischievous cat Whiskey.

Chelsy McAllister


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Chelsy Anne is a Lightworker, a spiritual soul who lives life with a passion for empowerment and creativity. Others like to describe her as a natural healer and empathetic.

After an inspiring meditation, Chelsy created Ritual Birth. Intuition led her to house a space for creative individuals to connect with a common thread for wellness and vitality. A space to inspire and give birth to simple rituals of using crystals + oils + wellness into daily practice.

When she is not working her day job as a High Vibe Birth Worker and Crystal Healer, you will most definitely find her using oils and inspiring others how to do so.