Pamela Wills

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Pamela C. Wills

Pamela Wills is a writer and dancer with a passion for business. She's got certificates to teach dance and coach life, a BA in Literature from Georgetown University, experience in running start ups and managing PR, membership at a cutting edge theater where she regularly choreographs musicals, a radio show about public speaking confidence and a signature program that will take your talent from zero to BANK in no time. Get her FREE download of The Creative Credo at:

GET UP & SPEAK! with Pamela Wills (listen now)

Revolution Ringleader Pamela Wills teaches Artists around the globe how to stop dabbling in their art, call the shots and start making BANK from their talents to positively impact the cultural landscape. Get her FREE audio badass teleclass, “Ten Ways to Spice Up Your Branding, Boldness & Bank Account” at

Jentana Lee Dabbs

Jentana Lee Dabbs is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Rebel Right Brain Catalyst, Brain Training and Living Your Truth expert for creative entrepreneurs who are done with denying their dreams, fed up with frustration, and ready to revolutionize their lives, their way. Jentana is a reformed conformist who followed her true creative self since the age of 8 by writing her first story and creating a series of artwork over the years into adulthood. After paying the price of denying who she is and attempting to conform to a left brain world she couldn't fit into, she struggled with homelessness, abuse, depression, failure, low self-worth and financial issues for years, until she learned how to accept, honer and work from her authentic truth. As the founder of "This Chic Is On Fire" Jentana now mentors creative, free spirit women to find their fortune through acknowledging and owning who they are!