Romilly Glenton


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Milly Anne is currently finishing her degree in Naturopathy, a passion she picked up when she was at her lowest point. Western Medicine failed her when she kicked her alcohol addiction to the curb and ended up with a handful of mystery illnesses. After months of trailing doctors and treatments with no result she finally decided to go back to basics.

Romilly's aim is to educate people and guide them towards overall health: mental, physical and spiritual. She is also a Reiki Master, Mindfulness coach and Passionate Herbalist.

Chelsie Skowyra


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Chelsie Skowyra, MA, MFT is reiki master, self care expert, and hosts spiritual retreats around the world. After spending years as a therapist, Chelsie had a spiritual awakening and recognized her gifts were bigger than the role she was in. She is intuitive and intelligent, bringing both her education and experience to the work she does with others. Chelsie works from a foundation of sacred psychology. In a reiki session with her, you will energetically release and restructure the narratives your chakras are holding onto. The results of these sessions are transformational. In addition to being an entrepreneur through her business, Chakra Chelsie, she is a proud doTERRA wellness advocate and teaches individuals how to use essential oils to support their emotional healing. Chelsie’s favorite forms of self care include meditation, curating Spotify playlists, and writing in her journal.


Shelby Brown


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Shelby Brown is a Self Love and Empowerment Coach for women who are ready to elevate their life and biz. She understands that all solutions come from within, and that starts with self love. 

She is passionate about spirituality, authenticity and making a positive impact in the world. Shelby understands the inherent power within all of us and it is her mission to helping others recognize and integrate their own inner power. 

Having overcome trauma, she understand the miraculous power of self love and healing that is available when we decide to truly accept and embrace who we are. Shelby resides with her soul mate in a small town of beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Marianna Ryhänen


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Inspiring Alien is a starseed creating on Earth, leading the souls who desire inspiration and color in their lives. Our Inspiring Starseed Community is here to bring more awareness to this planet and spread the messages of personal power, conscious living, emotional expression, living in the now and expanding beyond our limitations. You can contact Marianna for divination readings, highly expressive spiritual art and design services besides other customized sessions like mentoring. They are active in social media, thriving for an authentic audience of awakening beings. Having a Gemini Sun, Leo Ascendant and Taurus Moon, you're getting lessons and thoughts, products of value and love.

Ego to Ether,
Love and Stardust,
Stay Inspiring.

Deborah Dillon


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There’s a time in your life when you find yourself in a situation that you stand up and say to yourself..She’s no longer living this life, she deserves more. So she came to that point. After being sick for 13 years on 31 medications She could no longer live that story. So the only thing that no ever expected from someone so sick and helpless was to pick herself up, learn a new way of living. No longer the old way of feeding her body, mind or spirit but an entire new way that transformed her into this living and breathing beautiful creature that had been there all along hidden under pills and depression. Now she’s free from that meant to live the way the Universe created her to be.

Gina Clapprood


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An Intuitive Lifestyle Coach for more than 25 years, Gina provides support and insight to help you achieve your goals, make real changes, and be your ultimate self. Always a thoughtful listener, Gina was recognized as highly intuitive from an early age and over the years has learned to channel this skill to give back to others. Experienced in working with all ages, stages of life and levels of success, she helps people through the challenges of life in concrete ways.

Feeling unsure or unsteady about some parts of your life? Gina’s uses a unique and contemporary combination of intuition and concrete coaching to connect you to your purpose and a vision for life that will excite and inspire you! Gina is a twice certified Life Coach and is certified in Holistic Nutrition and Crystal Healing. She holds a BA in Psychology and has extensive leadership and management experience.

Lindsey Strong Lekhraj


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Lindsey Lekhraj is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher in Los Angeles, CA. Lindsey began her journey to wellness early in life starting as a chronically ill child, overweight teen, and then miserable young adult. After a 15-year career in the beauty industry, her path to healing led her to wellness through the study of Holistic Nutrition and Kundalini yoga and meditation. Through Wellevation Collective, Lindsey's passion for personal empowerment is shared with those on their own journey by shining a light on realistic holistic daily practices to help others feel and look like the brightest version of themselves.


Jentana Lee Dabbs


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Jentana Lee Dabbs is CEO of This Chick Is On Fire, published author, media host, speaker, transformation teacher, certified hypnotherapist, law of attraction and confidence expert. She is known for her ability to open awareness and inspiration, through her thought-provoking teachings that ignite and transform women into masters of their desires and destinies.

Her holistic approach to assertive power and confidence unleashes an energy and mindset through her “Power Of Worth Academy,” that tells the world “Your Worth Is Non-Negotiable!” As she works from the inside out to move you over your biggest mountains to climb to a higher consciousness of worthiness, wealth and achievment that is your God-given right!

Ca Saundra Phillips


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With Cassie's Cutting-Edge Insight, she can help you see your purpose and get you back on your Divine Aligned Path. She can help guide you to see where your pain came from originally. Cassie will help release these limiting belief systems that hold you captive to your true life! She can help you become the MAIN character in your life again! With her competitive advantage creating rapid change, Cassie is always staying up to date with how to best serve you due to having the unique ability to identify what others don't. She knows deep down that she is meant to serve others to a degree like no other, with her trendsetting ways and showing others how to manistest and co-create! Cassie is an Advanced Akashic Soul Record Consultant and Teacher and she is now taking clients that have a high will power to create those changes in their lives!