Ashley Nicole Sarikaya


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Ashley is a modern mystic, storyteller, belly dancer, yogi and spiritual activist. 

Originally from Southern California, her insatiable curiosity led her to travel the world, establishing roots in Italy, Greece, France, Turkey and Switzerland. Hungry to learn more, she bounced around cities and countries for more than a decade, stumbling upon profound mythic tales and traditions along the way. 

Currently based in Switzerland, her love of storytelling led her to pursue a career in communications. However, after ten years of the corporate grind, her soul started calling on her to blend her unusual combination of interests and skills to provide profound healing to the mind, body and soul. That is when Sarikaya Dreams was born.

Today she combines her passions for storytelling and spirituality to help modern women find balance and harmony. With mystical beauty rituals, herbal recipes, spiritual fashion tips and divine movement, she inspires the next generation of women to become agents of change in the world.

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