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Eyenie Schultz
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Eyenie Schultz

Eyenie {eh-zjeh-knee} is a SoulStyle Coach who helps women to discover, embrace, and confidently reveal their unique beauty through their signature style, so they can magnetically attract what they want in their life and biz. 

A little bit woo-woo, a little bit rock-n-roll, Eyenie knows that the magic of the makeover happens when the inside and outside shift together to create neon synergy!

After years of feeling like a hideous freak, home girl decided it was time to feel beautiful herself and did "the work". Today, she lives in the South of France with her tiny dancer + Twin Flame of 16 years, and has found her voice as the Technicolor Priestess, and is empowering women around the world do the very same.

P.S. She's a Reiki Master + loves unicorns and purple.

Make sure to grab your {free} copy of Eyenie’s super deluxe e-guide, 5 Secrets to Loving Yourself From the Inside Out here:


Living in NEON! with Eyenie Schultz

Are you ready to step out of blah grey-scale and leap into NEON?! Join SoulStyle Coach & Visibility Facilitator, Eyenie Schultz for "Living in NEON!" to learn how use your unique beauty, mad style and mindset to feel WOW and live a life you mega dig, and let the authentic YOU radiate!