Hannah Proctor


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Hanna Proctor is a rebel at heart and is determined to leave her mark in the world by being as open and authentic as possible! She has spent most of her life feeling invisible, misunderstood, and undervalued by those around her. But by adopting the truth that she was the source of all the love and joy she could ever want, she was able to finally feel confident and unfuckwithable!

Aside from being a mom to her two littles, it's her mission to help others rediscover their innate wholeness. She believes that self-love is key to our worldly and personal woes. And to get to that self-love, we must decondition ourselves from all the inauthentic lies we've subscribed to, open up to the lessons life is here to teach us, and realize that the only thing we can control is ourselves.

Join her in living a WOKE life!


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