Shelby St.Clair


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Shelby is a Soulpreneur for women looking to expand their business, up level their income and live out their souls desires while creating the life of their dreams.

Shelby helps women build the proper foundations, implement the right systems and strategies, attract their ideal clients and grow their profits all while aligning with inspired action.

Courtney Faye Maguire


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Courtney is an Intuitive, Self-love, Mindset Coach who empowers individuals to love their authentic selves through Spiritual practices and mindset shifts. She was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy 11 years ago leaving the right side of her face paralyzed and through the guidance of her own mentor, she now mentors other women who may be going through their own trauma. Courtney is also a wife and mama to 3 beautiful fur babies: Reese, Freckles and Mosi. Courtney is carefree and free-spirited just living and loving life to the fullest!

Julia Simone Van Der Sluys


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Julia is your direct link to the Angelic Realm and all the wonders of the universe. Bringing messages in an easy to digest manner and showering you with the energy of the Angels.

Julia will be your guiding light through the fears and woes of human life and back into contact with your soul and the Universe. Reminding you that if you embrace all of you – you can experience Heaven on Earth. It is all about rejoicing in the hardships, to make way for some epic living. 

Julia has created Angel infused products from books, postcards and jewelry to bring in even more of their sacred energy into your life to help keep you high vibe. She also does amazing Healing Voices – that brings the sounds of the Angels directly to you in a powerful healing audio.

Julia’s motto – You are amazing exactly as you are, right here, right now!

Tamara Gurney


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Tamara’s deep passion and soul’s purpose is to raise the vibration of the collective consciousness into one of pure, heart-centered consciousness, to guide and facilitate your own unique awakening and embodiment of your divine self, to trigger the memories of your multidimensional being which leads to your remembrance of the fullness of who you truly are.

Tamara’s work involves mentoring, intuitively guiding, truth telling, and nurturing you with unconditional love and acceptance. Her medicine is deep, fierce, and all encompassing. She see’s, intuitively know’s, and feels the fullness of who you really are. She considers it a deep honor and blessing to guide you back to knowing your true self and embodying it fully in this lifetime.

Tamara believes that our relationship with our SELF is the most important and most honorable relationship to have. She invites you to walk the path back to you to embody and to live that desire as a beautiful reality, both within and without.

Jennifer Miller


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Jennifer Miller is the Owner of Jennifer Miller Artist, Intuitive and Author. She has certifications in Healing with the Arts, Intuitive Healing, Reiki, Healing Touch, Goddess Studies, Wild Woman Project Circle Training, Human Services and Business Management. She is also a self-taught Intuitive Artist when she isn’t running her business she works at the Nova Scotia Health Authority.

Jennifer‘s art speaks to her through energy, emotion and healing. She has an extensive background working with young children and teens and looks forward to bringing Therapeutic Art to this demographic along with adults. As an intuitive painter she also hosts painting parties which are just really fun.

She uses a free flowing style of painting without fear or expectations. Her paintings can be detailed, abstract, or full of color. Jennifer is very passionate about the healing properties of art. Using tools of meditation and energy work is how she is able to teach and create.

Rachel Ringler


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Rachel Ringler is a passionate advocate for creative empowerment; a guide for soulful business owners who feel disconnected and are looking to get out of limbo and tap into their ability to create more freedom in their lives and businesses. As founder of Vibrant, LLC, and a modern day renaissance woman, Rachel believes that she’s here to “Inspire and Liberate the Muse within” and to help guide and uplift those incredible multi-passionate souls with her compassionate insight and intuitive gifts. Rachel is a trusted source who cultivates enlightenment, touching something deep inside those who are looking to Create More Freedom in their lives and businesses through illumination, nourishment, and holistic leadership. She loves all things beach, books, deep conversations and full-belly laughs, and describes herself like a great red wine: “Soulful & sassy; deep with a bit of an edge, and full-bodied with a peppery bite!”

Bailey Toksoz


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Bailey Toksoz is a writer, photographer and inspirational leader dedicated to sharing her healing journey in order to shed light on the path for others. She believes that we are one and that healing herself heals the whole and that healing others heals herself. Bailey is dedicated to positivity, creative expression and helping sensitive soul seekers live their best life.

Sarah Thacker


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Sarah offers an integrative approach to health and wellness. She specializes in helping women heal their relationship with food as well as themselves. Sarah's unique, creative and sustainable approach is rooted in mindfulness, self-awareness and self-compassion in order to help women live a healthy, peaceful, fulfilling and balanced life. Sarah is author of the book, Wholistic Food Therapy: A Mindful Approach to Making Peace with Food. This workbook and expressive journal is designed to help women heal their relationship with food from the very deepest roots. Sarah offers online group coaching courses titled, Finding Freedom From Emotional Eating that offers a supportive and guided experience to end emotional and stress eating. She is a licensed therapist, certified holistic health coach, registered yoga instructor, board certified art therapist and certified EMDR therapist. Sarah is dedicating to supporting you along your path to your wellness and healing.