Lindsay Lawless


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Lindsay Lawless is a Money Coach, Business Mentor, the Chief Accountant at Lawless Balance LLC, and Founder of Boss Women Community.

Supporting women to step into their power with confidence and purpose, Lindsay is passionate about activating women to align with their highest self. This includes areas such as personal finance, spirituality, business, and expanding consciousness of the planet.

This former corporate accountant turned money consciousness coach uses her 10+ years of money & financial knowledge as well as her own money transformation story to help women heal their money trauma and create sustainable wealth.

She is a New Yorker transplant who was educated in Chicago and grew up in Arkansas. Her guilt-free pleasures include dancing, learning, yoga, meditation, traveling, soulful conversations, romantic getaways with her husband Jesse, and anything that includes connecting with her business besties.


Dalini Rose


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Dalini Rose is a multi-faceted creative woman. She has lived a life that has enabled her to tap into her creative power and transform her life. 

She is an artist, healer, astrologer, photographer, actress, feeler, musician, poet, empath, rock n roller, priestess, entrepreneur, freedom seeking, plant-loving, ambitious, health nut. Her muse is the subtle powers in the world, within mother nature and human. Connecting through creativity and being. Dalini's background as an astrologer and healer has allowed her to create chapters that help us recognize our patterns and blind spots so we can have a breakthrough and dance in the realm of infinite creativity and possibility! She uses astrology, oracle cards, intuitive reading as tools to explore our questions, relationships, career, purpose, karma and any other blockages or hopes we have. 

Her vision is expansive and symmetrical, allowing harmony and growth to flow through her work.

“Life is poetry and we are all pieces of art”. - Dalini Rose


Annette Szproch


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Annette Szproch is a lover of life, yoga and nature! She is a certified yoga teacher, licensed massage therapist and Reiki II practitioner. Through all these healing modalities Annette has found a way to tap in to an individuals energy body and help them heal themselves. She empowers her clients to find their power within themselves. When she isn't helping others, she loves being outdoors among the trees, with her sweet Boston Terrier or trying new funky hobbies.

Brigitte Van Zaal


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Brigitte Van Zaal has a passion to guide women to live their wealthiest desired life. Using different tools such as the Law of Attraction, Essential Oils and her NLP skills for Coaching and Counselling. Born Dutch, and lived in different countries all over the globe considers herself as a global citizen and love connecting with different cultures. 

Having had a lot of challenges herself such as emigrations, no Self Love, not accepting her body, Infertility, a divorce, felt different, her motto is:


Her journey to fall in love with herself started a couple of years ago, since then a lot of things has changed, she manifested her dream life, wedding, business, travels, really loves her body and is enjoying life to the fullest.

Patricia Lynn Dominice


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Patricia has dedicated her spiritual path on the principle that the healer must heal themselves so that they can help you heal as well. 

Her soul is a seasoned energy worker and her soul gifts brought into this incarnation allows her to channel Spirit to assist in the healing process through guidance as well as a natural inclination toward energy work to clean and the subtle body.

She is currently learning about healing womb wounds and how to use that creative energy to attract and manifest your desires.

Shelby St.Clair


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Shelby is a Soulpreneur for women looking to expand their business, up level their income and live out their souls desires while creating the life of their dreams.

Shelby helps women build the proper foundations, implement the right systems and strategies, attract their ideal clients and grow their profits all while aligning with inspired action.

Courtney Faye Maguire


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Courtney is an Intuitive, Self-love, Mindset Coach who empowers individuals to love their authentic selves through Spiritual practices and mindset shifts. She was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy 11 years ago leaving the right side of her face paralyzed and through the guidance of her own mentor, she now mentors other women who may be going through their own trauma. Courtney is also a wife and mama to 3 beautiful fur babies: Reese, Freckles and Mosi. Courtney is carefree and free-spirited just living and loving life to the fullest!

Julia Simone Van Der Sluys


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Julia is your direct link to the Angelic Realm and all the wonders of the universe. Bringing messages in an easy to digest manner and showering you with the energy of the Angels.

Julia will be your guiding light through the fears and woes of human life and back into contact with your soul and the Universe. Reminding you that if you embrace all of you – you can experience Heaven on Earth. It is all about rejoicing in the hardships, to make way for some epic living. 

Julia has created Angel infused products from books, postcards and jewelry to bring in even more of their sacred energy into your life to help keep you high vibe. She also does amazing Healing Voices – that brings the sounds of the Angels directly to you in a powerful healing audio.

Julia’s motto – You are amazing exactly as you are, right here, right now!

Tamara Gurney


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Tamara’s deep passion and soul’s purpose is to raise the vibration of the collective consciousness into one of pure heart centered consciousness. To guide and facilitate your own unique awakening and embodiment of your divine self, to trigger the memories of your multidimensional being which leads to your remembrance of the fullness of who you truly are.

Tamara’s work involves mentoring, intuitively guiding, truth telling and nurturing you with unconditional love and acceptance. Her medicine is deep, fierce and all encompassing. She see’s, Intuitively know’s and feels the fullness of who you really are and considers it a deep honor and blessing to guide you back to knowing it and embodying it fully in this lifetime.

Tamara believes that our relationship with our SELF is the most important and most honorable relationship to have. She invites you to walk the path back to you to embody and to live that desire as a beautiful reality, both within and without.