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Mohawks + Catwalks is an enlightening book about the life experiences, lessons, and evaluations surrounding the conventional powerful woman archetype portrayed by two small business owners, Angel Quintana and Karyn Sundin. Fed up with passive aggressive stabs and malice of their so called "sisterhood," Angel and Karyn are opening up and sharing their personal experience and research required to stay sane and rebel against the "need to control" issue ruling the women's world. 

The essence of the Machiavellian intelligence hypothesis is that intelligence evolved in social circumstances. The individuals who are favoured are the ones who are able to use and exploit others in their social group, without causing disruption and potential group fission liable to result in naked aggression. Their manipulations might as easily involve co-operation as conflict, sharing as hoarding — but in each case the end is exploitative and selfish.
— The Thinking Ape: Evolutionary Origins of Intelligence by Richard Byrne

What To Expect:

The series of chapters presents an insider look at the subtleties of human behavior and the relationships between smart women, which on many occasions result in painful life lessons including: slander, crushed self-esteem, lack of appreciation, mental paralysis, and more. With promising discussions around topics such as: narcissism, catty women archetype detection, freeloaders, coping skills, and learning to use your voice, Angel and Karyn will take you on a quest towards unlocking the hidden agendas these power players derive in order to maintain a sense of control at the expense of others— so you may find the courage to put on your mohawk, strut down the catwalk of life, and represent who a powerful woman truly is.

While the chapters imply humor with their catchy, even comical titles, this book is no laughing matter; in fact it is intended to be a serious piece of self growth literature that was written to inspire women to see through the cunning and manipulative ways of calculated bitches, and how to stand up for yourself to ultimately win the battle and knock them down instead.






We have spent over a decade reading psychology books on human behavior, countless hours studying the impact and overall harm of narcissism, and journaled hundreds of pages of life lessons that brought us to our knees as we battled with our own internal struggle of dealing with self-medicated bosses, clients from hell, and friendships gone rye. With the suffering and turmoil we not only learned powerful life lessons, but lead us to finding our voice as the strong, individual, and powerful women in business we are today.

It is not our intention to finger-point or paint a checkered board game of name-calling and blame, for we too have looked at ourselves in the mirror to find the source of our own bitchiness that may have caused harm to egos that have crossed our path a time or two.

Our candidness and openness surrounding the problem of SMART women who are ruthlessly climbing the corporate ladder, building their empire, or striving to stay relevant in irrevocable day in age where technology is changing faster than ever and perhaps the idea of competition growing more fierce; the fight to remain in control is fracturing our culture. We seek to help women understand it's not "always their fault" or simply them "taking things too personally"; there is malice involved and we plan to expose it.

May the pages that follow inspire you to take a good hard look in the mirror before you send that nasty email, slander someone’s credibility, or passive aggressively use your intelligence to outsmart your opponent or reduce you from giving the apology that would have saved another woman’s heart.


Chapter 1: 

Machiavellian Intelligence: The Power of Mind Games to Gain Control

Chapter 2:

Unguard! The Passive Aggressive Stabber

Chapter 3:

The Judgmental Yogi: Hypocrites + Snobs

Chapter 4:

The Princess of Cruelty: She Looks Nice, But Don't Be Fooled Darling

Chapter 5:

Stalkers + Shit Talkers: Secretly Obsessed Women Who Spy on Women They Pretend to Hate

Chapter 6:

The Entrepreneur + Catty Career-Woman: Her Secret Plan To Get You To Quit

Chapter 7:

The Cavity Kiss-Ass: Stop Kissing My Ass with Your Sugary, Back-Handed Compliments

Chapter 8:

The Freeloading Cheapskate: I Won't Pay You a Cent To Value What You've Done for Me

Chapter 9:

The Cold-Chilly Bitch: If You Piss Me Off Once, Don't Bother Ringing Twice

Chapter 10:

"What Do You Mean?" Smart Girls Who Love to Play Dumb So YOU Look Stupid