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Los Angeles Workshop: The Yin and The Yang of the Path to Ultimate Success

Dr. Gary Penn & Angel Quintana of present:
The Yin and the Yang of the Path to Ultimate Success
A Live Workshop Event Series 

What a treat to have these two different yet complementary experts to help you break through barriers, both psychologically and strategically, so you may operationalize your dreams and see your business thrive.  

If your luxury brand idea has yet to materialize or if you are struggling with making progress in your business, then this series is is a live workshop you don’t want to miss!

This series will take place LIVE in Los Angeles at the Holistic Fashionista Headquarters on select dates and be simulcast on Dr. Penn’s podcast “Breaking Through with Dr. Penn.”

Does this sound familiar?  

  • You over-think everything
  • You’ve got a zillion ideas swimming in your head that’s got you feel overwhelmed
  • Marketing feels like an art you’ll never master, especially the online stuff

You’re mind script includes:

“I’m not good enough”
“This business is not going to succeed” 
“What was I thinking when I put all this time and money into such a silly idea”
“I’m not as creative as I think I am”
“I will be humiliated and embarrassed if I fail?

  • You envy the people that are living their dream.
  • You think you have a great idea but feel insecure about manifesting it to something real.
  • You feel stuck and frustrated and don’t know how to get unstuck.
  • You know you can go bigger but don’t know where to start.

Challenge and overcome the Mind Parasites have come to visit!

Dr. Gary Penn can help identify your Paralysis Blocks. 
Dr. Penn’s goal is to bring a sense of consciousness and intention to your psychology.  He is expert at identifying blocks centered in archaic lessons and “truths” you have understood as absolute and may have remained unknown and unchallenged for decades.

Angel Quintana sees “it” and gets “it”. She is uniquely able to connect the dots from idea to execution with a master plan. She is a visionary who can ignite your business with concrete, proven strategies that take molehills and turn them into milestones.  Take this amazing opportunity to ask Angel questions concerning your business including: online advertising, luxury branding, high-end product development, and much more! Get ready to become informed, excited and move through the obstacles that are preventing you from starting and growing your designer brand.
Our first workshop takes place on Saturday, December 5 from 7 – 10 p.m. at Angel Quintana’s creative workspace.  $20 guarantees you a seat, drinks and delicious snacks.  Space is limited. Sign up now because this is sure to sell out!