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Self-Care Rituals Free Monthly Call


Sign-up for Angel's FREE MONTHLY CALL to tap into your intuition, awaken your gifts, and find deeper clarity in your life and business--and ward off bad juju!

Angel will be releasing a healing and magickal potion from her new collection of self-care rituals designed to help you feel better, look better, and harness the power of positive energy.

To prepare for the new botanica and extension of the Holistic Fashionista brand, Angel would like to cordially invite you to my monthly FREE calls, Self-Care Rituals designed to help you tap into your intuition, awaken your gifts and find deeper clarity in your life and business-- and to ward off bad juju!


Let’s be honest… Running a business as a female can be B-R-U-T-A-L. And no, we're not just talking about late hours preparing a launch or working on your website. We're talking about the EMOTIONAL stuff that can literally leave you running for the hills.

This includes:

* Taking things personally
* Constantly comparing ourselves
* Living in a sea of long to-do lists
* Carrying around OLD baggage
* Feeling jealous or like a fraud
* Blaming or being blamed for shit that isn’t yours
* Playing victim
* And so much more

It’s time to get REAL with ourselves and stop letting others push us around or letting them be the reason we are unhappy or unsuccessful. Let’s take all the issues we are experiencing in our business/life, and let’s take FULL OWNERSHIP of what we’re experiencing…

AND then, let’s use HERBS (Angel's magickal potions) to ease the pain, dry up the tears, and bring us back to homeostasis so we can be the BEST Holistic Leaders we possibly can!

Sound like a plan!???


Each month, you'll explore a different topic that pertains to healing the mind, body, and the spirit AND you’ll have access to a handmade potion MADE BY ME with PURE LOVE.

Angel will discuss it's healing and magickal properties: how to use it, its sacred ingredients, and more.

In addition to the monthly potion, we will discuss eye-opening topics such as:


* Become More Self-Aware and Self-Confident
* Improve Your Communication for Better Results!
* Detoxify Your Mind & Body from Bad Juju
* Cleansing the Body of Toxicity
* Introduction to Healing Modalities You’ll Absolutely Love!
* Holistic Living Practices & Problem-Solving Tips
* Magickal Plant-Based Herbs and Their Healing Properties
* And More!

To register for the free monthly Self-Care Rituals call, please click here and to learn more about this month's potion and topic!

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