Trust me, I know the feeling. That aching feeling that you have an amazing product or service and you want more buyers. You spend a fortune trying to market your business, find a new niche, but still your calendar is full of clients. Or worse, you desire a wait list, but getting them in the door seems to be hard enough.

When you have people constantly knocking on your door it's like a boost of confidence too. When no one is knocking that's frustrating. It's hard to run a business when you're frustrated. Lack of self-confidence can be a 'stinky cologne' (no one likes that smell.)

Or perhaps you have clients but you want to scale up, so you can scale back your hours. That's a great place to be. You already have those regular clients who continue to buy from you, but you're looking for a new group of folks who might be interested in working with you one-on-one or whom you can down sell your Home Study System too. 

Regardless where you are in your business, having people knock on your door dying to work with you is never a bad problem! In fact, the more people knocking the longer your wait list becomes, the more money you can earn, the faster you can raise your fees, and the faster you put your marketing on autopilot and begin making money while you sleep!

Marketing is actually fun when you do it with authenticity. Cold calling and sales pitching is so last season. It's also the old school, masculine way of doing business where competition and target market are lingo you use to describe 'how you'll find clients.' But the New School way of doing business, the feminine approach is to build strong, lasting relationships with your leads, clients, and recurring customers.

Say goodbye to wondering where that next client will come from and say hello to a pipeline of clients longing to work with you!

The stronger those relationships become, the juicier your bank account becomes too. It's truly a win-win situation! Are you building strong relationships with your leads, potential clients, and existing clients?

In The Strategy Session Cash Machine, I'll share my top marketing secrets designed to help you quadruple your income and expand your reach with my savvy promotional campaigns. I'll show you how to build strong relationships online and offline, while filling up your calendar and creating a wait list.

Booking your calendar solid has never been easier or more strategic than with my innovative marketing strategies that generate a wealth of new leads by effectively utilizing: Facebook, Pinterest, Yelp, YouTube, Twitter, contests + giveaways, advertising, and other effective solutions that invite clients in the door without sounding salesy or being pushy. I use 'pull marketing.'

My approach to marketing and business development is always authentic, service-oriented, and pull-driven, as well as conscientious of your time. With my no-nonsense explanations and creative promotional ideas, your clients will be salivating at the chance to work with you. 

If you’ve ever wondered where your next client might come from or are looking to increase revenue quickly, my step-by-step tutorials {that can easily be done by your virtual assistant} to help you get more clients in the door, this product will dramatically improve your business and bank account. 

Here's What's Included: 

51 Simple, Yet Effective Ways to Get Clients in the Door
Out-of-the-Box Marketing Strategies to Increase Revenue
How to use Facebook effectively to build a wealth of clients
Why Pinterest is your go-to social media tool 
How to Use Contests + Giveaways Properly to Create a Buzz
The "I Can't Afford It" Busters That Work Every Time!
How to Plant Seeds in Your Speaking Engagements
How to Turn Your YouTube Videos into Lead Generators
The #1 Thing You're Doing That is Costing You Money!
3 Ways Direct Marketing Can Transform Your Business
Tutorials + Visual Examples on How To Use These Strategies!
How to Make Cold Calling Authentic + Genuine
How to Get Results with Every Single Strategy Session
What It Takes to Turn Free Strategy Sessions into Paying Ones
#1 Under Used FREE Website That Can Generate Leads for You!
Why Your Blog Posts Aren't Generating Leads + How to Correct It Tricks + Tips for Ramping Up Strategy Sessions
+ Much, Much, Much MORE!