Sheena White


Sheena White Marketing and Communications

Sheena White is a seasoned copywriter and social media strategist with over 10 years of copywriting experience. It's her goal and mission to help holistic business owners express themselves authentically in their copy and on social media in order to attract more of their ideal clients. 

While being transparent in business isn’t always easy, Sheena has learned through experience that transparency and authenticity are what allow business owners to build the most loyal tribe online. Through a combination of savvy social media strategy and killer sales copy, she helps busy entrepreneurs warm up cold leads and turn them from browsers into buyers.

In addition to two degrees in English, Sheena has completed John Carlton’s copywriting course as well as Digital Marketer’s Customer Acquisition Specialist Certification and Social Media Manager Certification. She has been multiple podcasts and is a contributor for Social Quant and

When she isn’t working, she’s spending time with her husband and son, enjoying the Florida weather, traveling, or enjoying a glass of red wine on her patio. It is her goal in life to be a mobile-preneur and it's her mission to help other female entrepreneurs design the life of their own dreams.

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