Holistic Business Naturally Successful Home Study System

Holistic Business Naturally Successful Home Study System


Dear Holistic Entrepreneur:

I'm Angel Quintana, the Founder/CEO of Holistic Fashionista magazine. Before starting Holistic Fashionista, I was on a very rocky road to success. There was a burning question that kept me up at night, "How do I get clients (on a regular basis), how do I make more money, and what will it take to FINALLY feel successful deep down? I often felt like I would NEVER crack the code. 

 Angel Quintana

Angel Quintana

From a holistic standpoint, I started analyzing what I was doing. I realized I was plague by negative thinking and struggled from a weak money mindset. I wondered how I would rid the negative thoughts and how I would pay off my debt, which was preventing me from investing in my new business.

I'll be honest... I used to have a credit score of 590, but today it's 805! It has been one of my greatest accomplishments... but it didn't happen overnight; I did A LOT of self growth work in a very short period of time. And now I want to share how I turned my failed business as a clothing designer, into an online empire that far surpasses 6 figures using a holistic business approach. 

And... I'm not just talking about healing crystals, meditating for hours a day, visualizing your bank account getting nice 'n plump, or even drinking green juice. These things are important, but there is more to the story. I'm talking about looking at your business from a holistic perspective.

Just last month I did 29 strategy sessions, and then I started to notice a serious trend. Everyone I spoke to during these sessions were struggling to get clients, make more money, and get their message out in a bigger way.

Like any new business owner, we all wonder where our next "paycheck" will come from. It pains me to hear how difficult it is for you to make money in your business-- because I was once feeling the exact same way. Looking back it wasn't hard because it was FUN doing the inner work. It's so cool to learn about yourself so you can become naturally successful, but now it's time to do it with a strategy.

But it doesn't have to be hard. You just
have to back up your holistic business
with a holistic business plan!

What does that mean, you might be asking? When you look at your holistic business from a holistic perspective, and start tapping into that mind, body, spirit connection, then clients just naturally arrive. Sort of. What I'm talking about is about building a loyal tribe of customers, tons potential clients in the pipeline, and a waiting list of people ready to work with you with a holistic business plan.

You already have everything you need living inside you to make sh*t happen. But you also have all the crap inside of you to NOT make it happen too. It's your inner game struggle that repels your eternal natural success gene.

So what is the formula to a successful Holistic Business?

 Holistic Practitioners

Holistic Practitioners

The formula is to let go of all that jargon living inside your cells, so you can truly tap into your mastermind. 

Your mastermind is basically who you are RIGHT NOW, but ON FIRE.

People often ask me "how do you do it all, Angel?" It's funny, because at the time I didn't really have a good answer. All I could say was "I have this burning flame living inside of me that has me jumping out of bed truly excited to see what the day will present to me."

And after all those consultations last month, I realized it was time I share my secrets to building a holistic EMPIRE, so you too can ignite that burning flame inside YOU and become unstoppable too! Serving, healing, and rising people to their fullest potential! How did the world would be right? You're a Change Agent, girl!

Improving your inner game can actually be more challenging than building a brand, a cool website, or coming up with what kick-ass products + services to offer. Because this isn't about your clients... this is about YOU.

I designed this home study course as an “energy blocking removal” system so you can start seeing your talents as the “gifts” you were born to teach and get paid richly for them. You deserve to have abundance, wealth, and a booked calendar of clients dying to work with you because there are thousands of people in the world who NEED your products + services!

This Holistic Business Program is for you if:

* You feel like you've tried everything and still struggle to get clients

* You are upset that your dream business isn't living up to your expectations

* You desire big bucks + a better relationship with money (or have some serious credit card debt to pay off!)

* You're truly ready to own your talents + step into the spotlight

* You're curious how all these other people "seem" to have business come easy to them

* You're ready to do some inner work to help you grow your business

* You just started your business + want a running head start

 Holistic Business Plan

Holistic Business Plan

Guest what? Your Holistic Business
isn't off to a slow start because:

* You don't deserve to have money

* You don't have the skill set or talent necessary for success

* You just started your business and "it just takes time"

* You're not good at the "marketing stuff"

* You're not trying hard enough 

Turns out, the mind IS a valuable thing to waste. When it's flooded with feelings of "lack" or negative thinking, not much can become of your holistic business. Even with a positive mindset, your MONEY mindset may be vibrating at an entirely different level.

When you have that burning flame inside you to succeed, you become unstoppable. But the #1 thing that holds most small business owners back from success is their issues around money. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, but I was there BIG TIME. I struggled with money issues my entire life.


In this Holistic Business Program you will learn:

* The top 7 steps to generating more money in your holistic business 

* How to transform your thinking so you become a money magnet

* Release old wounds around money + start practicing proper money consciousness

* Start a brand new relationship with money, where you fall in love + never feel guilty about asking for $ from clients

* Attract clients + customers into your business naturally 

* Discover your authentic marketing message, so you can set your holistic business up for success

* Unlock that burning desire inside of you, and have energy through the roof to get sh*t done

* Increase your productivity by 100%

* Be more inspired, creative, and ripping at the seams with awesome ideas for new products + programs

* A game plan on how to keep customers coming back to you + buying more often from you

* Unleash your naturally successful warrior that lives deep within your soul

* Secrets to branding and marketing strategies that naturally position you as a leader

* Start thinking + acting like a true entrepreneur so you can get paid what you're worth

* Improve self worth, eliminate self doubt, + live your naturally successful life 

 Holistic Business Home Study System

Holistic Business Home Study System



 Holistic Business Session 1

Holistic Business Session 1

What You'll Learn:

  • How to quiet negative thinking

  • How to set goals in your holistic business + actually achieve them

  • How to step into the spotlight for fast results

  • How to share your truth + get paid for it



 Holistic Business Session 2

Holistic Business Session 2

What You'll Learn:

  • How to become a creative genius in your business

  • How to stay inspired by your work so you never give up when times get tough

  • A list of resources that add instant value to your holistic products+services

  • 3 natural motivation tips + tricks that work



 Holistic Business Session 3

Holistic Business Session 3

What You'll Learn:

  • 4 steps to becoming client attractive

  • What clients really want + how to give it to them

  • How to package your products + services so clients take action

  • The secret ingredient to recurring clients + referrals



 Holistic Business Session 4

Holistic Business Session 4

What You'll Learn:

  • How to clearly define your brand for maximum recognition

  • Define your 3 signature brand core elements

  • How to use branding in all your products + services to get people to remember you!

  • How to set your holistic business apart + be a trendsetter in your industry



 Holistic Business Session 5

Holistic Business Session 5

What You'll Learn: 

  • The #1 most effective visualization to manifestation tool

  • How to get more done with more clarity + determination

  • How to systemize your work so you can work less

  • Tips + tricks to maintaining motivation + momentum in your holistic business



 Holistic Business Session 6

Holistic Business Session 6

What You'll Learn:

  • How to accurately define your relationship with money

  • How to fall in love with your 'success person'

  • How to practice proper money consciousness

  • How to get paid what you're worth + book your calendar full of clients dying to work with you!



 Holistic Business Session 7

Holistic Business Session 7

What You'll Learn:

  • How to use your gifts to help change the world

  • The #1 thing to do that will position you are a leader in your niche

  • How visionary companies stay in business for the long haul

  • The way you do anything is the way you do everything



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 Money Back Guaranteed for Holistic Business Home Study System

Money Back Guaranteed for Holistic Business Home Study System

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