How to Create a Successful Brand

How to Create a Successful Brand

For just a moment, forget what they taught you in college about marketing because I want to open your eyes to a new kind of marketing, called Spiritual Marketing. In my first year in business, the one skill I was severely deficient in was Sales & Marketing. I was completely put off by all the "strategies and tactics" I was taught on how to close a sale and get more clients. For some reason, I could never get it right.

It wasn't until I realized that the old ways of marketing just aren't for me. The day and age that we live in, the old ways are becoming less effective, and to be honest, I'm happy about that. I didn't want to try and "sell" anything to anyone. I wanted to let people know who I was and how I could help them, but we know it takes more than that to succeed in any marketplace.

In order for you to be able to make a living doing what it is you LOVE to do, you'll have to start putting a lot of your attention on marketing. But let me share with you why Spiritual Marketing is the key to unlocking true success.

Spiritual Marketing is authentic. Most often business owner steer clear of Sales & Marketing because they fear sounding too salesy or gimmicky. But this isn't the case when you pursue your marketing with a spiritual and authentic message. Why is this so important?
Spiritual Marketing is about showcasing your talents in an authentic way. This entails being vulnerable, which can be difficult for many of us. But when you do this, you create TRUST. Trust is a powerful tool to generating tons of relationships. It takes relationships to be successful. 

As I closed my first business, I decided to take it upon myself to figure out how to market my new business with authenticity. I realized one of the things I was missing was getting clear about "what I stood for" so my brand could easily convey what I did for a living and start attracting the people I wanted to work with. 

So I went on to read every marketing, sales, and public relations books that got good reviews on, and yes, I implemented A LOT of their suggestions into my marketing strategy. But there was one thing they didn't mention in those books that I had to figure out on my own. 

I was determined to discover the "magic formula" for attracting clients and making money so I could continue to live my life purpose. And while I truly believe there are a zillion ways to achieve this desired outcome, I want to share with you the formula that worked for me because I believe it will work for you too.

As you continue to grow as a person AND grow in your business, it's only naturally that your business will change. It's even possible your message will change right along with it. Growing is the natural evolution of life; well, the same goes with your business. YOU have to keep growing for your business to keep growing. Success is directly related to how comfortable you feel inside and then challenging yourself to stepping into those areas that make you feel a bit uncomfortable. Then you know, YOU'RE growing.

So I got comfortable with fine tuning my brand and playing around with small tweaks to see if my results would change. And as reluctant as I was to step into the fear and tackle those areas that made me feel uncomfortable, MY RESULTS CHANGED. And I'm not kidding, they changed fast, for the BETTER.

So I put together a 60 minute audio training that includes the three most powerful ways to market your business that not only attracts the RIGHT CLIENTS, but represents you and your brand in an authentic way. No sleazy sales pitch or gimmicky slogans to win over your potential buyers. Your life purpose is spiritual and inspirational. 
How do you know if you have a business that needs Spiritual Marketing?

You struggle getting clients or the clients you currently have are challenging
You have a website but it's not generating leads for you
You don't know how to/where to market your business 
You don't have a regular stream of income coming in each month
You're just starting you're business and want to do it right!

In Spiritual Marketing, there's a new road to success. It's called transparency. When you see life as holistic, transparency becomes part of how you do business; you are REAL and AUTHENTIC. By connecting your mind, body, and spirit to your business, you learn more about WHY you do what you do, and then a shift in the universe occurs.

 Successful Brand

Successful Brand

The universe wants to give you what you want, you just need to get really clear about what it is you want!

In this audio training you are going to learn how to craft your life purpose in an authentic message that is going to get people talking about YOU and what you do because your marketing message is going to be crystal clear. Your message will affect people and that creates TRUST.

My low-cost introductory training was designed to get you clear about what you stand for, why you do what you do, and why the name of your company is the beginning to a brand that means something.
When you're a small business owner trying to get your business up and running on little to no cash, you have to get strategic, creative, and smart about where to use your money so you can get the biggest bang for your buck.

My mission has always been to help make a difference in the lives of others in a BIG WAY. So when I unveiled my dharma and discovered what I was here to TEACH, I got really excited! At first, my products and services were not affordable to my big audience, that is why I created a very inexpensive training so you can begin your journey as a spiritual entrepreneur. You are a spiritual entrepreneur. You have a deeper purpose here on Earth, and I want to give you the tools to help get your message out there.

Your business is going to change people's lives and that's why I want to work with you. You are one of the gifted people on the planet who chose a path that will inspire our world to dream big, feel deeper, and pursue your talents.

So I put together this audio training for the spiritual entrepreneur out there so you, too, could craft a business that is truly unique to your gifts. When you do this kind of business, people will remember you. The best part about being remembered is people start to refer you. And that's when your business grows at lightning speed! 

In this training you will learn the first 3 steps to getting known and referred! If you are new to business and don't know where to start or if you currently have a business but it's not generating enough clients, then this is a training you don't want to miss. 


  • How to write a mission statement and why it's the most valuable tool you'll ever need in your business to generate the RIGHT clients fast

  • 5 essential steps to curating a compelling bio that attracts, connects, and gets your audience to take action

  • The importance of a memorable NAME of your company so you can begin marketing what you do in a clear and concise way, along with how to write an awesome mantra/tagline that peaks interest to your ideal target market

  • & much more!

Spiritual Marketing is easier than you think. All you really need to do is turn your focus inward, see your business as holistic, and let who you are shine through so others can feel authenticity. Building TRUST is the first step to a brand that gets noticed and is referred. Are you ready to get started!?