You know that saying, "Silly rabbit, trix are for kids?" Well, I'm one of those kids... I LOVE TRICKS. I love shortcuts that make my life simple. I like to break the rules-- or better yet, I like to make up my own.

In this 70-minute video presentation training, I am going to demonstrate the A, B, C's to the shortcuts to getting WAY more traffic to your website, videos, and blog posts... But I'm actually going to do way more than that-- I'm going to help you get the RIGHT people to your site.


It's annoying not having enough customers... I know, because it happened to me. Getting clients used to be friggin' rocket science. Hi, I'm Angel Quintana, the CEO/Founder of Holistic Fashionista, the #1 online destination for entrepreneurs and I get a little sassy sometimes. After I figured out this internet marketing game, my business grew so fast and now I live to share my secrets and tricks with other GENIUSES who want to own the Internet-- or at least their niche. Wink.

Trust me... internet marketing can be a chore IF you don't know what you're doing. If learning SEO doesn't sound like a good time to you, I understand--- it's a pretty DRY topic which is why you should learn it from an impatient Los Angeles Sassafras like myself. But truthfully, you should force yourself to learn what I'm going to teach you-- IF you're truly serious about growing your online empire.



Increase Traffic with SEO

Increase Traffic with SEO

This training is for you, if you're a GENIUS or plan to be one in the VERY near future. Okay, but really... let me ask you a personal question... are you still struggling to find clients?

Even after all that money you've spent on:

  • Coaching

  • Information products

  • Seminars

  • Books you've read

  • What about all that time you spent researching shit on the net trying to find the secret ingredient to building your list or generating more leads from your website?

  • Time is money. Let's stop wasting it!



Search Engine Optimization is a long word that just means there is a strategy you should implement so your stuff gets found on major search engines... (you know, like all those products, programs, sales pages, store, blog posts, that you're using to entice people to buy.) Because guess what? That's how you'll find a targeted group of people who just might want to buy your stuff!

It doesn't have to be rocket science, you just have to LEARN how to do it.

If you're anything like me, you're IMPATIENT. You want clients, you want money, and you want it NOW! My husband loves to sing me that Willy Wonka Song, "I want the world, I want the whole world.... and I want it NOW!" I think it's funny now too. AND TRUE.



Increase Traffic with SEO

Increase Traffic with SEO

At the end of the day, you got into business to make money, but making money is really determined by how good of a marketer you are. And being a good marketer means you have a bangin' STRATEGY. Using Search Engine Optimization is a FREE strategy that most of the "Gurus" fail to discuss in their coaching programs!

Not to mention, they also fail to tell you THEY are using Google Adwords (and SEO) to build a massive following because they know how VITAL Google truly is to their business. How do I know? Because their ads show up on MY website.

  • I don't teach fluff. 

  • I'm not going to give you some jargony BS teleclass filled with a bunch of psychological manipulation asking you to stay till the end or give you some drawn out sad story about how I had no money and now I'm rich. How many times can we hear that same story! It's called FILLER material.

  • I'm also not going to pretend that I'm not selling anything-- I'm actually NOT, but I will be introducing you to my design+marketing house- it's ninja too. And if you're one of the smart people who like facts and methods that actually work, you just might want to join my community, but more on that later.

What I will be giving in the video presentation are a few KILLER SEO tips that are pretty much going to have you FALLING IN LOVE with Google (and irritated no one ever taught you how to pick your Keywords-- I don't teach fluff; I teach ninja strategies that produce results). Google is where it is at and it's time you start mastering it.



Increase Traffic with SEO

Increase Traffic with SEO

  • How to Increase Traffic to Your Website Using SEO

  • How to Pick the RIGHT Keywords for your Business

  • How to Write Rad Blog Post Titles that People are Actually Googling RIGHT NOW

  • What "Recycling" is (my new business term) and it's not a good thing-- it's actually KILLING your sales!

  • A Secret to building your list that doesn't involved ANNOYING-as-Hell Pop-Up windows!

  • Secret (actually it's NINJA) Video Marketing Tool you are going to salivate over!

  • And a few golden tickets to keep Veruca Salt happy!






This webinar/training/tutorial was so awesome! It's refreshing to be on a training that actually provides value (this one.. Incredible value!) rather than just gathering people together for a sales pitch. Thanks for everything Angel! Looking forward to the jumping in on your offerings!

-Daliah Torrez

Listening/watching for a second time cuz it was just THAT GOOD! 

-Sarah Wilson 

Angel Quintana YOU Are effin AWESOME!! so good!!!

-Laura Madden

Love Love LOVE! I'm so excited for The Club. All these tools seem so much less scary now! Thank you Angel, for being you.

-Bethany Mullins

Wonderful, informative and content rich! Thank you so much! Big gratitude!


This class rocked my world Angel! So much goodness in here!

-Eliza Hammesfahr Ceci

Thank you so much for a beautiful kickass tutorial. You have a gift for getting to the heart of a matter. You have gifted us with some awesome ideas and a pathway that is easy to follow. Thank you Angel! You are definitely living up to your name. :-)

-MahaJai "Ahja" Toure'


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