10 Step To Align Your Energy With A Star


Article by Devon Poer

10 Step To Align Your Energy With A Star

10 Step To Align Your Energy With A Star

Yes, you read that right, we are talking about a neutron star and what the heck is a neutron star anyways… and why should a holistic fashionista be interested in this amazing activation?

To study the cosmos is to awaken to the greatest power of all, Energy, the force that drives all existence, without energy we would not be here.

Also, as a philosophy, the word holistic means the “comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected.”

And it was the famous astrophysicist Carl Sagan who said, “we are all made of stardust.” We are all interconnected, especially to the Energy of the cosmos. Therefore, aligning yourself to a neutron star is the difference between being dragged by the waves of Energy or riding them like a surfing Goddess.

We shall start by understanding the neutron star and where it gets its name, mainly because it is almost entirely composed of neutrons. A little science lesson… A neutron is a subatomic particle with a mass slightly larger than that of a proton but without an electric charge, together they make up the nuclei of atoms. Neutrons are required for stability of nuclei. The yin and yang of science!

With that said, how can one align their energy to a neutron star and truly go supernova in life and business?

First, we breakdown the characteristics and inner workings of a neutron star. But back to the semi-science lesson - when a massive star goes supernova it’s core completely collapses with the help of gravity and the spin of its rotation, which is up to several hundred times per second. Almost faster than the speed of light!

A neutron star packs a massive punch, imagine all the energy of our Sun condemned down to the width of a small city. That’s one power bi-atch that is believed to have almost zero electrical charge. Contract to popular belief, to reside in the charge of nothing is extremely liberating!

My favorite is a magnetar neutron star, it goes so freaking supernova that its magnetic field is strong enough to stress the crust to the point of fracture however the power of the star is moving so fast that the star almost instantly self heals. Self healing powers of a star after its gone supernova… align me to that!

As a lightworker going supernova could be likened to the metamorphosis of the dark night of the soul, when it feels much like the implosion of self and the collapse of everything we thought we knew. But wait, we can go further and really blow our minds out of the water...

When the magnetic poles of a neutron star do not coincide with the rotational of the neutron star, the emission beam will sweep the sky, creating this so called “lighthouse effect.” One would than ask, do you ever feel like a lighthouse in the storm?

Because you are a neutron star acting as a beacon in the vastness of space. Leading the way, paving a path of light for others to find their way through the darkness.

Now that you know the science, are you ready to align to the neutron star through a magical meditation?


1. Create a sacred space for meditation, anywhere you feel safe and loved, preferable a place in your home with a special blanket or mat to sit on. Cleanse yourself and the area with ritual tools.

2. Become aware of your breath and your body, feel your body completely relax as you envision relaxing from your toes all the way up to the crown of your head

3. Call in the protection of your guides, ancestors, and the power of diamond white light, feel the protective power grow until you feel completely safe and ready for astral travel

4. Now imagine yourself sitting in the vastness of space, moving through spacetime as it bends to your very presence, because scientifically it actual does bend to energetic objects

5. Next, you can’t help but notice the disturbance of an extremely large star very close in the distance, so you move closer to this star, closer and closer,

6. As you watch from your protective white light you get up incredibly close you can almost feel the warmth of the star, and you witness it explode, boom! It goes supernova, and you are so moved by this event that you feel it within your soul as everything around it is blown away into dust

7. As the dust settles you see a beautiful, incredibly fast moving blue neutron star, a pulsar, you witness it spin at an incredibly fast speed you wouldn’t know it was actually moving except for the beams of light coming from its poles. You feel so drawn into the star you begin to move closer and closer, like its almost calling you home, you feel you belong here, you have purpose here

8. As you reach the crust of the star you converge into the center of its energetic heart, you become one, and everything else just falls away, you release everything and let go into it liquid like state

9. You feel overcome with such peace and ease, witnessing this incredibly blue ball of light, all around you. As you sit into total peace, protected from the darkness, you understand the awesome powers of its magnetism, the second strongest gravitational force in the universe, you feel completely align to its, you are one consciousness, your reset button has been pushed

10. As you slowly come out of your meditative state, count from zero to seven and open your eyes. Now focus on your intention, on what you desire most and write it down and look it everyday.

Curious, what’s the next stage for a neutron star? Oh yes this rabbit hole goes deeper, but you’ll have to integrate first and then I’ll show you just how far this rabbit hole really goes...

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