3 Hacks For High Vibrational Energy


Article by Jessica Valor

3 Hacks For High Vibrational Energy

3 Hacks For High Vibrational Energy

Rachel Hollis, the self-made media mogul has created a massive movement with her Netflix documentary and books Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing. Rightfully so, Hollis has set an exceptional example of what grit and grace combined can get you in life.

Hollis is so right in that you were made for more and that showing up is what dreams are made of but what is still living beneath the surface is your energy that needs a plan of action.

We are composed of seven subtle bodies and a physical body which are all made of energy. We are multidimensional beings with a culmination of our experiences from this life and all past lives since we were born into creation which brings us to the present moment of ascension.

We have chosen to participate in rapid evolution and healing the world.

We have chosen to rise and leave a legacy of love.

We are living at a time of powerful transformation and up leveling.

The commitment to living your best life goes way beyond the dream of abundance and is the calling of your soul to carve a path for your higher consciousness to expand in a way it never has before.

You need new tools for this new way of being that supports your energy at every level to avoid burn out and getting out of balance. When you commit to leveling up, you are required to heal your core wounds and the stories living beneath the surface.

Limitlessness occurs when you source the origin of your power and remove anything in your way of shining bright. You have a power inside of you as great as the sun that is so radiant you cannot be denied but there are blocks to your rays and I want to help you clear them because you are meant for greatness and we all need you in your grace and glory.

Here are three of my most loved high vibe hacks to ascend your energy.

  1. Your Roads Are Paved in Gold Meditation: This meditation is everything to manifest your desires and cut cords of the past. Read through these instructions and give it a try. Use it every morning and you will set up your day in manifestation mode. You want to first get comfortable and connect with your breath for a count of three slow inhales and exhales through the nose. Then imagine a road ahead paved in gold and up ahead you see a beautiful tree where all you desire awaits you. Next, imagine you turn around and look at the past and all that has happened behind you. Say “thank you” and on your next exhale envision that you are cutting all of the cords to anything that is not love. Do this again to your left and right to clear any experiences in your present moment and of course offer gratitude. Now, place your hands over your heart center and offer yourself the prayer of “thank you.” Gratitude expands your heart’s desires and creates a magnetic field attracting what you want to you. Lastly, spend as much time as you like seeing and feeling the energy of your tree ahead until you feel that the abundant life you want is here now. Anytime you want to shift your energy, just close your eyes and follow this simple meditation.

  2. Boundaries for your Sacred Commitments. Use this journal prompt to align your energy and stick to your boundaries. Without boundaries you will never be able to expand. The first question is: What are you no longer available for? (This is where you could list out everything that you do not want to feel, participate in, think or experience. Ex: lack, suffering, frustration, loneliness, etc.) The second question is: Where have you possibly been giving your power away? (think about at work, in relationships, your mindset and daily choices.) Remember you are taking stock here, so no judging yourself, simply allow what is showing up to move onto the paper.

  3. Lastly, think of one boundary you can set for yourself to align with what you want and move you away from what you are no longer available for because you desire all you desire my friend.

Give Yourself Permission. Use this 3-step journal process to set your soul free to soar. I cannot tell you how many people come to me seeking permission to put their work in the world or walk away from no longer serves them. You are the only one holding the key that unlocks your success.

  • Make a list of where you are not giving yourself permission to experience the pleasures in life that your mind, body and soul are yearning for?

  • Dig Deeper by closing your eyes and breathing into your body and asking, “what is living within me that requests permission to be set free?” I want you to take time with this step. Tune into your mind, organs, systems, cells and each body part to explore what emotions, stories, trauma, pain or gifts and blessings are asking to come forward. Breathe life into each one so they can be set free and do this without judgement. Whatever shows up is perfect for you and you are safe to let it go!

  • Write down every thought, feeling, story, idea, etc. that presented itself from your body. Write down how it has held you back and why it is here to fuel you forward. Write an affirmation and deceleration for each one. Example: “I affirm that I am a wealthy soul and I declare my freedom.” There is no wrong way to write your affirmations and declarations, the intention is to be aware through affirming and then ground in your desires and embody them through declaring.

  • Bonus step: Speak your affirmations and decelerations out loud and while walking outside. Trust me on this one, it works wonders.

I want you to know I see you, I honor you and I believe in you.

Namaste ~ Jessica Valor

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