3 Keys to Creating Facebook Ads that Convert

Creating Facebook Ads that Convert

Creating Facebook Ads that Convert


Article by Sheena White
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #21

For most business owners, Facebook ads are a dream come true. With 1.35 billion monthly active users on Facebook you can be guaranteed that your ideal client is there, and with the highly targeted ad functionality you don’t have to waste money targeting the wrong people. 

Unfortunately, many aren’t getting the conversions they want with Facebook ads. There are, however, a few things you can do to improve ROI and increase conversions. Check out these three keys for creating Facebook ads that convert.

Target Your Exact Ideal Client

Don’t waste advertising dollars targeting Facebook users who will never purchase from you. Instead, identify your ideal client (from finances to interests) and create audiences representing those exact people. Create different audiences for each ad (this lets you change the image for each ad to ensure you’re using an image that will resonate with each audience) in order to get the best conversion rate. 

Expert tip: as you’re creating new audiences, save them so you can access them easily later. Also, make sure each audience has between 500,000 and 1 million people.

Use Eye-Catching Images

Use eye-catching images that will make users stop to read the ad. Avoid photos that are too stock photo-ish, as they tend to be cold and impersonal. Think about what ads get your attention in the newsfeed and replicate that. 

Expert tip: split test different images within each ad set. You set an audience at the ad set level, which means ads within the set share an audience and a budget. As one ad performs better than the other, Facebook will put the better ad in the newsfeed more often, improving your ROI.


Focus On the Benefits

What is the end user going to get if they click your ad? How will it help them? Keep your copy conversational and focus on benefits and results. The more specific you can get here the better! And don’t forget to include a call to action where you tell the user exactly what you want him or her to do.

Learn to Sell Socially

Don’t have the time?

Creating and distributing great content, managing your Facebook advertising, and growing an engaged social media audience all takes time. You know it’s essential for your business, but unfortunately, you’re too busy running your business to manage it well. Check out my Social Media Management program to learn how I can help you to better manage your social media and advertising efforts.

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Sheena White is a Facebook marketing expert and social media strategist who is committed to helping companies and entrepreneurs sell socially. She’s not interested in helping businesses get “likes” for the sake of a “like,” but is instead focused on helping them to create an engaged online community that will actually produce sales. Learn more about her Social Media Management program.

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