3 Keys to Creating a Lifestyle Business You Crave


Create a Lifestyle Business You Crave

Create a Lifestyle Business You Crave

Article by Tiffany Lanier
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Oh the Internet!

It has created a world of possibilities for so many entrepreneurs looking to create a Life & Business they love. We can share our expertise and really take what we know from local to global. Yet when starting out, creating the perfect lifestyle business does not seem as easy as some make it out to be.

We often get stuck on the tech. We don’t create clear offerings. We dedicate a lot of time and effort to non-income producing activities. And before we know it, 6 months to a year has gone by and we haven’t created the income we desire let alone the lifestyle we crave. Frustration kicks in, throwing in the towel seems like a valid option, and you’ve begun to reconsider if online entrepreneurship is really your thing.

But before you throw in the towel, let’s break down the 3 keys of what you really need to create the Lifestyle Business you crave:


What do you really want out of your life and business? This is about you. Don’t create based on what you see others doing. Often times we look at other people succeed and we think to ourselves we should emulate them in order to have what we want. But in reality what they’ve created may not work for you based on your personality and interest. 

This is your time to really brainstorm. What does your ideal work life look like and what types of business models cater to your authentic self and the lifestyle you desire? 

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After you’ve created, it’s time to package what you have to sell. There are a lot of people doing e-courses but that may not be your thing. Perhaps you rather work with clients somewhere exotic and have a day of coaching and strategy. Package your offerings in a way that allows you and your clients to thrive and continue to keep in mind the lifestyle you crave. 


After you have created what you want and you’ve packaged it, you’re ready to market. Without marketing you don’t have a business. Get clear on your customer avatar and your marketing message. You’re not speaking to everyone thus your marketing efforts don’t have to be everywhere either. Be strategic, create systems, and stop wasting time on marketing strategies that don’t work. 

Last tip: Keep it simple and keep it focused.

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Tiffany Lanier

Tiffany Lanier is an Online Business Coach & Lifestyle Architect helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs create, package, and market their unique brilliance online so they can start living their ideal life and create the impact they wish to have in the world. Tiffany’s signature program Ignite Your Vision helps entrepreneurs clarify their Life & Business desires and learn the necessary online strategies to launch their brand online. Learn more at Tiffany Lanier.

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