3 Power Habits to Help You Stay Focused

3 Power Habits To Help You Stay Focused

3 Power Habits To Help You Stay Focused


Article by Yetunde Taiwo-Shorters
Photo Credit: Hailley Howard
Magazine: Issue #29

There are so many distractions in our world today. If it’s not hours spent on social media, it’s getting engaged in the lives of others and taking time away from focusing on our own lives.

Here are 3 Power Habits to help you stay focused doing what you love, helping people and building profits.

1| De-Clutter
Spend 2 hours this week going through all your social media profiles and deleting or blocking anyone you know in your gut is not in alignment with where you are about to go. It is important that as you get aligned with your purpose, your power circle affirms your path. Yes some would hurt, and some would even confront you and ask why you deleted them. Your answer should be sincere, respond with love and kindness. I find that a great day to do de-cluttering is on Saturdays. So take out your calendar now, plug it in "de-cluttering my social media". This will prepare you to know those in your power network. You'll need it on your purposeful journey.

2| Intentional Sharing
I invite you to be more conscious of yourself. From today on, anything you say, reply to, share or post online has to be in alignment with your core values and the best version of you. E.g. on Instagram, decide how often you would post, plan out your posts and do your best to stick to it. What this does psychologically to your followers is allow them to identify you with what you do  and it helps with brand association. Be yourself, but above all BE YOUR BEST SELF AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE. Even when people upset you, Think "What would my higher < your name> do?  then do it with love and kindness.

3| Affirm yourself
Yes, we all look crazy when we talk to ourselves in the mirror, but we can all name at least one quote that inspired us. Find your power quote and repeat it to yourself as many times as you can all week. I actually schedule mine for 10am every morning. It pops up on my phone alert. Mine is  "I will be relentlessly helpful to others", "I am grateful for good health and loved ones" and "I am  blessed and highly favored". There is power in words, embrace it and marinate in it unapologetically.

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