3 Questions to Ask Yourself To Locate Your Community


Article by Ashley Yannello
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Locate Your Community

Locate Your Community

I remember when I first started my own journey over four years ago how all of a sudden a lot of my friends from childhood and college all started to shift and we just did not click like we once had. I felt like I had to hide certain pieces of me. I would feel like the odd woman out and my friends would think I was crazy. I just knew that I wanted more than just this life that everyone around me at the time seemed totally fine with living.

If you are like me than I trust that you are going through a lot as an entrepreneur on your spiritual journey. Know that as people begin to leave your life, the universe is opening up brighter possibilities. You are shedding an old skin to show your true skin.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself To Locate Your Community

1. Do I Need Community?

Simple, this is the first question you must get clear on. You'll want to feel into it and dive deep. Some secondary questions that will come up: Am I in the process of starting a new venture/a new path? Do I feel like I am completely alone? Does it feel like I'm not fitting in or like no one "gets me?"

2. Who are your "lanterns"?

The tribe that accelerates you into motion.

The souls that see your wounded battered heart and breathe life hope and honesty back into you.

The ones you look to in your darkest moments, when you feel lost in darkness. I believe in the power of mentorship. Guidance. Sisterhood. Instant karmic connection.

3. How do I know if someone is my "lantern"?

A bit of knowing, trusting, soul connection, easiness, tender truths, integral honesty. They will listen + provide wisdom like a mama bear. Chances are they are a few steps ahead of you in the dark path. They have knowingness. compassion. People that see you more than you see yourself. Someone that will hold you up + offer a light in the way of darkness.

I am so glad to be able to provide this to women everywhere. I know how huge community has helped me in my life. We women need to support each other, not compete or gossip - so we all can shed our light, grow and be amazing together. I invite you into my tribe.

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