3 Reasons You Should Retain a Personal Shopper

Reasons to Retain a Personal Shopper

Reasons to Retain a Personal Shopper


Article by Evonya Easley
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Three reasons you should retain a personal shopper!
Cultivating your image and how you present yourself to the world is important.  Shopping should be fun! But for busy professional men and women that their time may be limited it may not be so enjoyable. A Personal Shopper can help define and refine your personal style.
First background scoop on personal shoppers our job is to enhance who the client already is not change them to the point of being unrecognizable to themselves or their friends and family. I always use the example of personal styling being like makeup. Makeup is supposed to enhance ones natural beauty not make you look so different that when you have it on you don't look like yourself. That same logic applies to personal styling.  My job is to enhance your personal style the same way makeup enhances your natural beauty. 

So here are my three tips to finding the best personal shopper for you are below:

1| A personal shopper is a service a luxury service, but none the less a service and therefore a client should receive excellent service. Therefore a client should retain a personal shopper that makes them feel comfortable and gives great service.

2| Secondly, find a personal shopper that cares about you and your lifestyle and take that into consideration when shopping for you.  Your personal style along with how your wardrobe fits into that.  Style is personal.  A wardrobe stylist/personal shopper will help you determine and narrow down your style. Most people are a mix of different styles like a conservative with a dash of bohemian. It's just a matter of narrowing it down to fit into your lifestyle. Like you may be conservative at work, but bohemian chic on your down time. So making sure your stylist/personal shopper is defining your style to be the best you!

3| Lastly, finding a personal shopper that will adhere to the budget you have allotted for wardrobe. Fashion can be expensive, but style doesn’t necessarily have to be.  It’s all about knowing what to buy and when to buy; to get the best quality at the best price which leaves room for buying even more! Buying off season can help. When you buy Fall/Winter pieces in the summer you get the best prices on coats, boots same as true for buying summer clothes in the opposite season. 

Hope these tips help in procuring the personal shopper that is the best for you!

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Southern belle, Love E (Evonya Easley) has over a decade of styling experience and uses that to make the "everyday clients male an female" feel like the celebrities she dresses. She offers image consulting services for busy professional men and women. Some of our services include closet organization, personal shopping and image makeovers.  We also offer services for fashion industry professionals such as business consulting, assistant buying, fashion show production, visual merchandising and clothing manufacturing consulting and resources. Learn more at Love E Fashion

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