5 Keys to Boost Creativity Through Self-Exploration


Article by Samantha Schmuck
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Boost Creativity Through Self-Exploration

Boost Creativity Through Self-Exploration

There is no doubt an insurmountable amount of noise in the world about things we “should” be doing. However, is it these things that others tell us are right to do, going to give us real, lasting happiness?  

To put it frankly the answer to that question is a big ‘ole hell no. 

Over and over again I have found pure, utter joy comes when in a state of flow. You know those days where everything seems to align in your favor or you’re just laser focused in on a task you love that time slips away? Well one of the tools we can use to reach a state of flow is through creativity. Now creativity doesn’t have to be an oil painting masterpiece, or art at all for that matter. What does matter is that you are trying something new, changing your approach to a mundane task, and just experimenting with life again.

5 Keys to Boost Creativity Through Self-Exploration


Turn off cell phone, get “lost”  and explore a new part of town, or nature. Imagine looking through the eyes of a child with awe and amazement with each new thing you come across. Allow your thoughts to drift by like clouds, not holding on to any of them, but just notice they are there.

Write with no destination

Take it old school with pen and paper. While electronics are great for capturing thought, there is nothing better for creativity than paper and ink. Draw lines, circles, dashes, and write in all directions on the page. No restrictions!

Music movement

Turn on your favorite tunes, stand in the middle of the room, close your eyes and just let your body slowly take on the music. 


Nothing provokes creativity more than looking in your pantry at what you have and creating something from it. Follow your instincts on smell, and taste along the way. It may turn out amazing, and it may not, but half the fun is seeing what you can dream up. 


Gather with a group of your favorite people that inspire you by being themselves. The conversations, laughter, and ambience of a gathering feeds the soul as well as creativity.

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