5 Secrets To A Powerful Social Media Profile


Powerful Social Media Profile

Powerful Social Media Profile

Article by YetundeTaiwo
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

It’s so simple, those who use these secrets understand its power and they use it diligently.

Chances are you know one or two or more of these secrets but if you are not using it, it is time you begin. 

BE CONSISTENT: If you want to build your blogger empire and be the next Fashion Bomb Daily, you have to do like she did and be consistent. On whatever platform you choose to build your social media profile. Twitter, facebook, pinterest, be consistent. If you blog every other day, let your audience build a relationship with your schedule. 

USE STRONG VISUALS: If you pay attention to those with high number of followers on instagram or pinterest who are active, the types of images they post have a theme. Figure out your “image look”. If you will use text and image, make your photos black and white or post funny jokes; the images you share can affect engagement. Use phone apps like Made with Studio to brand your images on social media.

SHARE YOUR STORY: Forget about being completely private those days are long gone. People connect to people. All those days of a professional only are gone. BE HUMAN. Share some things about you that people can connect to and watch how easily people connect to you.

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ENGAGE YOUR NETWORK: This is the secret that so many people don’t know what to do with or how to use. Many of us know or have met so many people online and offline, but when it is time to activate our network, we have a momentary freak out session. Don’t stress about it. It’s really simple. Provide value for others and it’s really, truly, human nature; people will inevitably come to your support. Be a part of their own lives, not just being all about yours. ENGAGE and ACTIVATE your NETWORK.

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS: No man is an island and in social media you bump into people in the virtual world daily. Say “Hi, how is your day?” Make it a point to connect with one new person a week. And foster those connections, comment on their page. Take a genuine interest in who they are and how you may be able to support them. 

Ultimately you are the secret to all this being activated. All these secrets activated simultaneously make for a powerful profile and brand. Start practicing today. MAKE A CONNECTION.

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Yetunde Taiwo

YETUNDE TAIWO is the creator of ICY ACADEMY. A network of Inspired GO-GETTERS who are ready to step FULLY into their purpose doing what they love, while helping others in a way that creates financial freedom for them and their families. With her Meaningful Branding Sequence Program, she helps individuals and businesses create a Purposeful, Powerful, Personal brand that is profitable. To step into your own purpose, visit ICY Academy.

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