A Full Moon Aphrodite Activation Ritual


Article by Amber J Boswell

A Full Moon Aphrodite Activation Ritual

A Full Moon Aphrodite Activation Ritual

Every woman holds within their being various Goddess archetype’s.  The dominant archetype’s will vary from woman to woman, soul to soul, but there is one infamous Goddess who lives within us all. While she goes by many different names, she is best known as Aphrodite the Goddess of love and beauty.

Aphrodite is everything beautiful. She is a sunset over the ocean, a meadow of wildflowers, she is a star filled sky on a full moon night. She is the goddess who whispers hopeful messages to you in the darkest of your days. She is a creative force living inside of you beckoning you to activate her so you can experience life as the sensual experience it is. She is the voice that most of us have drowned out due to trauma or shame. She represents a woman beauty full in her power. A woman who sees, and owns her divine beauty. A woman that is not ashamed to be the beautiful creatrix she was born to be.

By aligning with this Divine Feminine energy, you awaken to the awareness of the importance of self love, for self love is the only true foundation in which you can build the life you desire upon. Self love as a lifestyle assures that you will always honor your highest good even when it is hard and goddess knows it can prove difficult at times.  Sometimes we know what we need to do, but ignore the nudge; this can mean leaving a job, a bad relationship, or giving up something like junk food, booz, and even Reality TV. By activating your inner Aphrodite you will learn that your sensual nature is the fuel to your soul’s fire.

Sensuality often gets confused with sexuality and while sex can be a beautiful and sensual act there are so many other aspects of living a sensual life.  Sensuality is pleasure; pleasure comes in many forms. Once you activate Aphrodite she will assist you in living a more pleasurable life. She can even serve as a muse for creative projects such as writing a book, painting, creating courses, even starting a business. She is abundant with passion. Come to her with what you desire to create and allow her to assist you. Now, let’s get to know this Goddess with the following ritual.

Please note, there are not any rules governing how you work with the Goddess other than always setting the intention that your work serves your greatest good and the good of all your relations. You always want to remain in energetic integrity. However, the most powerful time to perform this or any Goddess ritual is on the New & Full Moon’s. The New Moon is a time for new beginnings, of massive intention setting and the Full Moon is the time you set those intentions in motion with ritual. The full moon is when our life, love, and purpose are most illuminated.

Aphrodite Activation Ritual

If you have a bath surround it with candles, rose petals, crystals, and anything else that feels sacred to you. If you have epsom salt add it in with a sensual scent such as Rose which is Aphrodite’s flower or Ylang Ylang essential oil, an Aphrodisiac.

If you do not have a bath, you can simply take a shower brining in any crystals with you if you feel called or desire to. You can and are encouraged to still light candles and allow yourself to truly savor & enjoy your bathing time.

Turn down the lights. Whether you are submerged in water or there is water running over the curves of your flesh,  take a moment to feel into the water.  Take notice of how it caresses you, cleanses you, it does not judge you, or turn you away. It loves you, it desires to serve you. As you wash your body like you’ve done over a thousand times allow your hands to slow down, to also caress your flesh. It is likely that your brain bitch will start chirping, pointing out all the things wrong with you, this is when you allow Aphrodite to step in. If you look at paintings of her, she was curvy and supple, with smaller breasts. She is the average woman just like you. The difference between us and Aphrodite is she owned her beauty, she did and does not allow anyone to make her feel less than. She is a woman who knows and lives in her worth. Feel your curves, the perceived lack of or too much of. Recognize your body for what she is, a living breathing miracle, the house to your soul, your sacred temple. Allow your hands, the water, and Aphrodite to work together washing away any shame or pain held within your divinely designed body. You may want to cry, allow yourself to cry, but keep loving on yourself. Feeling the beauty of your breasts, your hips, your thighs. Close your eyes and drag your hands over your face, brush your lips with your fingertips. Acknowledging that no matter what your form is, you are Aphrodite and she is you.

Once you feel as if you are clean of not only the day, but of negative thoughts about yourself apply your body oil, lotion or whatever it is you use saying: I awaken Aphrodite, I embrace my divine beauty, I love myself. No matter how silly this sounds say it over and over again until you FEEL it! Afterward go into a room where you can be alone, if you do not have a sacred space or an altar in your house this simply needs to be somewhere quiet. You will need a piece of your favorite chocolate, while I am not a milk chocolate fan, if that is your jam so be it. You will also need a candle, any color will do, but red is the best for this ritual due to it being the color most associated with love & passion. If you can play music on your phone without checking your notifications great, if that is too hard for you then find another music source or nothing at all as you not only want to be distraction free, but limit EMF exposure at the time you awaken Aphrodite. Lastly, bring a journal or a piece of paper.

Light the candle with a clear and strong intention, you can create your own, but an example would be: I awaken the Aphrodite inside of me, I activate her knowledge, her guidance, her beauty, her passion, her sensuality. I ask her to help me on this Self Love Journey. Allow yourself to feel into her energy for if you call and if you believe, she will appear. Ask to feel her fully, to understand sensuality deeper than sexual desire. Place the piece of chocolate in your mouth, close your eyes, let it slowly dissolve in your mouth. Take notice of how this feels, what pleasure it brings. Chocolate is an Aphrodisiac and who doesn’t love chocolate? But right now FEEL the chocolate. The sweetness, the bitterness, the pleasure without guilt of giving yourself something sweet. Allow yourself  pleasure without judgment or guilt.

When you are ready, open your eyes and write a love letter to yourself. That’s right, to you. This exercise will likely prove hard for some, if you find yourself in resistance this means you need to do this. Tell yourself all the things you love about you, all the things that make you proud to be you, and if you are ready all the things you forgive you for. At the end invite Aphrodite into your life, ask her for whatever it is you need in this moment right here and now. Embody her, for you are her, she is you.

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