Attract More Love Into Your Life Right Now

Attract More Love Into Your Life Right Now

Attract More Love Into Your Life Right Now


Article by: Desiree Marie Leedo   Photo: Sarah Loven

The difference between a life filled with infinite possibilities and a life filled with infinite pain is the degree to which our hearts are truly open to receiving and giving love.

We live in a world where love appears either somewhat lacking or just plain old missing to the millions of people who spend their hard-earned cash seeking it out in the lyrics of songs, the story lines of movies, the lottery of online dating and the promises of self-love books and seminars. 

As we bask in the ideal of being the object of love’s affection, our day-to-day reality of not always experiencing enough love for whatever reason can literally shred our self-esteem and feelings of worthiness.  

Especially if we’re comparing our lives with the lives of others who seem to have it all, and come up short.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Your perception is everything!  Here are some ways to effortlessly attract more love into your life every day:

1. Stop Terrorizing Yourself

Want to know whether you think kindly of yourself or not? Listen to the things you say about others. A heart that it is kind and understanding of self would naturally be kind and understanding towards others. And stop beating yourself up because when you do you invite others to do the same.

From the moment your feet hit the floor out of bed each morning, find something beautiful about yourself that you’re truly grateful for and before your head hits the pillow at night acknowledge at least five ways in which you know you’ve added value to others’ lives throughout the day.

2. Open Your Heart and Forgive

The amount of vitality you have and the amount of love that you’re able to share is directly proportionate to the number of prisoners you’re holding hostage in the dungeons of your heart. If you want more love in your life, you need to release all those who you feel have wronged and hurt you, both past and present.

When you consistently engage the thought energy of attack, defense or revenge you’re not hurting others, you’re only hurting yourself because you’re locking the darkness into your heart with each judgement.

Shine the light of love into these dark corners, make peace once and for all and release every last one of them.

3. Fill Up Your Own Cup First

Bring more light into your life and step into a more loving space within by prioritizing at least one activity every day that nurtures or inspires you and helps you to achieve your goals. Renew your faith in the universe, pray, meditate and allow life to guide you.  Be sure to follow through on each of your intuitive hits!

Finding moments of calm in your day is also a wonderful way to download inspiration and guidance, whether it’s walking in nature, listening to uplifting music, journaling or practicing deep breathing in a softly candlelit space.

4. Become the Source of Love

The only thing missing from any situation is that which WE are not giving. The reason so many of us are immersed in “lack of love” mentality is because we’re usually more focused on what we should “get” versus what we could be giving. We want our deepest desires and outcomes to be guaranteed but how little time we spend contemplating how we can help others to reach their goals.

When it comes to love, the question is not “how much can I receive today?” but rather “how much can I give today?” because that is what makes you feel the most love in the long run.

Becoming the source of love is to ensure that love is always only a heartbeat away because you know you can generate it any time you like.

5. Stop Playing Small

Think you were born to suffer and that your life’s purpose is purely to overcome one obstacle after another?  Not so.  You were born to live a joyous, love-filled life and actualize your true self in the process.

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When you play small you live a small life with little influence.

When you understand that nothing in your worldly circumstances defines or limits you and that you are free to make a higher choice at any time, obstacles dissolve and miracles open up to you. 

Release thoughts that keep you chained to playing small and connect to your mountain of inner value is one of your most empowering responsibilities. You’ll never make a difference in the world if you’re looking for some outer sign or if you’re waiting for permission from others to do so. Owning your personal greatness, not through your mind but through the energy of your heart, will open the door to limitless love and infinite possibility.

So whenever you feel the absence of love in your life look around to see where it is that you can give love.  Find the courage to open your heart to yourself and others, make peace with where you are, then spread your wings and fly!

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