Bringing Passion to Your Nutrition

Bringing Passion to Your Nutrition

Bringing Passion to Your Nutrition


Article by John Scardina
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

We have all been there at one time or another, dieting that drastic change in our life for weight loss or any variety of health reasons. We make changes with little thought of how big a scope this event really is. Dieting can be a lifelong event that should be embraced with as much knowledge and acceptance that you can pour into it. 

There are so many reasons why diets are destined to fail, some reasons include fear of foods, fear of failure, and fear of cooking. Realizing that these reasons are not alone the only reasons available that will help bring an early end to a diet, I would like to focus on these few items and how to tackle them head on. 

I have long been passionate healthy foodie taking pride in sharing and teaching how to become passionate also, and embrace healthy eating Most have been brought up told “Not to play with their food”, if you do not play with your food you will never know what it is capable of.

Fear of foods: or commonly known as “I don’t like that food” (never having tried it before). A very quick bit about this, try it then tell me you do not like it and we will work from there. I attempt to introduce new foods to your diet based on flavor profiles’

Fear of failure: Most diets will begin with a “what if I fail” hanging in the back of our minds. There are tools and mind/body techniques that I have available that can make this lessen in your mind.

Fear of cooking: Not as hard as you may think, keeping in mind that with the right attitude, cooking can be meditative and relaxing. I bring little known techniques that safe time and bring incredible healthy flavor to meals.

I would love to share and instill my passion in regards to nutrition, sharing many modalities and techniques that will help you to succeed. 

Philosophy of People is a compilation of self-improvement articles written by entrepreneurs seeking to bring holistic solutions to everyday problems. Read more articles from our 2nd Year Anniversary issue.

John Scardina

Hi my name is John Scardina HHP. MH. NC. owner of Natural Ways Consulting LLC. and our online store with over 14,000 natural products, give us a visit. What makes me different from other counselors and coaches, is that I do not focus on one particular diet, or lifestyle, but instead focus on an integrative diet and lifestyle that is suited to the individual. Visit Natural Ways Consulting to find out more.

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