Change Agent: Bethany Mullins, The Spiritual Trendsetter


Interview by: Angel Quintana

Change Agents Instagram Contest

Change Agents Instagram Contest

Bethany Mullins, a Spiritual Trendsetter, was the winner of our April Change Agents Instagram Contest! Join CEO/Founder of Holistic Fashionista, Angel Quintana, in an exclusive interview with Bethany Mullins. We are honored to speak with such a bright, young, and creative entrepreneur!

Tell us about your business?

I work with women who struggle with emotional eating. I believe how we treat food directly mirrors how we feel about ourselves. And that's where self love comes in. I'm a self love junkie! Too many women are working so hard for others and need to share some of that love with themselves. While others are in an abusive relationship with themselves. I help women to get those butterflies in their stomach from just a glance in the mirror, to be utterly enamored with themselves and their bodies so they can come out sexier than ever!

Can you tell us about Unleash Your Lioness?

Unleash Your Lioness is a group coaching series I created to empower women to manifest pride and reward their deepest desires. I'm launching Part 1 of this series, Unleash Your Lioness / Tame the Emotional Eater Inside You on May 11, 2014. In this program I'll be working with 10 women in a four month intensive to address the emotional eater inside of them. They may feel like they've lost control and can't figure out why they reach for the cookies. Instead of battling with our emotional eater, we're going to hear her out. Give her the love she needs and identify our crutches so we can reinvent patterns that serve us. We will help her to unleash her lioness; because a lioness gets what she wants.

You are a young entrepreneur, when did you first learn that you wanted to work for yourself?

About 4 years ago I was managing a retail store. Under distant management with little hours and low pay, I was giving my all and yet struggling to believe in upper management. I learned early on that if I don't believe in it and they don't believe in me, then I'm worthless to them. I found the Institute for Integrative Nutrition that led me to my own destiny. I could build an empire that I believed in and that others believed in too, and that would be enough.

What is one piece of advice you would give to other young entrepreneurs trying to start a business?

You're an entrepreneur now, so you don't have to follow anyone. Take away everything you ever thought should be your business, and look at your business as a breeding ground for everything you create. It can be anything. And there is a market for it. There's a market for everything!

How do you describe your personal style?

I would consider my style to be comfortable but classy. I like my neutral palette with the occasional pop of color or print. I tend to keep my staples classic and use trendy accessories to style with to save on money. Most of the time you'll find me sporting a denim blouse with tan oxfords in my ray ban knock offs and red lips.

Bethany Mullins Winner of Change Agents Instagram Contest #2

Bethany Mullins Winner of Change Agents Instagram Contest #2

Bethany Mullins is a spiritual trendsetter, a raw humanistic blogger, a challenger of dreams, fears and passions, kitty snuggler enthusiast, and a sucker for all things made and born with love. She's dedicated to working with women to transform their emotional eating into a love story through the frightening and delicious journey of self love. Graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she quickly became part of the powerful movement that grounds people through the rich and colorful relationship with body and life. Learn more about Bethany at

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