How to Control Your Energy with Reiki


How to Control Your Energy with Reiki

How to Control Your Energy with Reiki

Article by John Scardina
Photo Credit: Carley Page Interiors
Featuring: Jennifer Harrison
Magazine: Issue #40  

I’ve been a Reiki master/teacher for quite some time now and have always known that we are responsible for our own energy and for the most part the energies of those near us. But most certainly before being attuned to Reiki I would have never thought that I could control or manipulate my energy for positive results. These results once properly practiced and utilized provide so much positive and healing benefit to our minds, bodies, and souls. The best part is that it belongs to you forever, a lifetime! 

I grew up in the Midwest in a strong Roman Catholic household. You all know whatever religion you choose or follow, that upbringing where you were taught to pray to an entity that you will someday meet only after death. All this for a promise of an everlasting joyous time in eternity. There is nothing wrong with these teachings but for me and my beliefs it was not a good fit to depend on a single entity for everlasting joy. I chose to find my everlasting joy while still living and this is where my spiritual journey had begun in order to find a path that was more to my understanding and belief system, after all there has to be so much more. This is where I found Reiki.

Reiki a Japanese energy healing technique that originated from Dr. Makao Usui. Some even believe that this technique may even had origins much earlier in the Middle East, but I’m not here to tell its origin in detail. I just want to explain a bit of what Reiki is and how it helps you control your own energy. Reiki broken down from the Japanese language means “Universal (Rei) Life Force Energy (Ki) an energy that already exists in everybody and everything. We do not need to be scientists to understand that everything that exists, only exists due to the fact that it is all made of energy itself. 

Reiki being a hands on and distant energy modality makes it most suitable for anyone to be attuned to easily, and yes even from a distance. These attunements can be given to a student on the other side of the world. I at one time did not think this possible but indeed it is through the intent of the master and the acceptance the student. This unusual method of teaching this practice allows the student to practice Reiki and to control their own healing energy for positive benefits. By utilizing daily Reiki practice one can take control of mind, body and spirit. The meditative properties of this practice allow you to be in a relaxed state and we all how well a body heals in this state. To even further positive efforts with Reiki at level 2 you are attuned to several sacred symbols. With these symbols you can now even send Reiki energy into your past to heal long past issues and also send into the future to ease anxieties. There are so many ways Reiki can help you take control of your own energy. Imagine if you will an existence where everyone had control over their energy. Reiki is one of the most relaxing teachings that we can experience.

I know these few words in this article are not enough to explain everything Reiki can do, but I do hope you explore Reiki and the many benefits it possesses. Be in control of your energy at all times in life, the past, the present, and in business. Take control of your energy now. If ever there are any questions in regards to taking control of your energy, contact me, I love teaching this ability!

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