Bah-bye Debbie Downer... Creating Positive Energy in your Business


Article by John Scardina
Photo Credit: Victor of Valencia
Magazine: Issue #35

Creating Positive Energy In Your Business

Creating Positive Energy In Your Business

Everything in life is made of energy and all of this energy needs to flow creatively and freely. When energy is blocked it comes to a standstill and reverts into a negative entity. This entity creates sickness, emotional turmoil, and an overall negative feeling within your being. This energy also exists within your business. A business that is stuck or blocked possesses this negative energy. 

I work with energy on a daily basis and never take it for granted. As a Reiki Master/Teacher and a coach for those with Empathic abilities I am conscious of energy at all levels. Energy is a basic building block of our world, both physical and spiritual, and we also need to create a positive energy in our business to allow the creative flow of this energy. This creative flow allows your business to succeed with peace and ease.

Since I own a holistic business and practice these methods of creating such energies, I would like to share some methods that create this energy into your business. None of these being hard by any means, just methods of projecting mindfulness into all aspects of your business.

Your business space

Is this space cluttered and in chaos? Clean it; clear it of all unnecessary clutter, this removes old and or negative energy and raises its vibration. Create a space that is peaceful to your mind and soul, a place you want to be in. Don’t be afraid to Smudge (Sage) your space. Doing this removes all negative energies for the space and new scientific studies have proven that smudging does actually removes impurities from the air in your space. Place bowls of salt or a salt lamp in your space to further remove negative energies. The salt lamps are great for removing negative ions from the space especially near or around electronic devices. Use protective stones and crystals within your space, some good protective stones that repel negative energy are Onyx and Obsidian.

Your mind and body

Take some time for yourself prior to beginning any business activities. I know this sounds like the impossible, but it is necessary in order to create these positive energies. 
Use essential oil or scent such as lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, etc. to calm and relax yourself. Meditate, go outside for some sun, doing any type of physical activities that will help you stay grounded in your body. (e.g. Yoga, Tai Chi, martial art, jogging, boxing, exercise, or some kind of sports you enjoy, etc.), get some fresh air. Surround yourself around plants or trees of high energy and get grounded with them. Drink pure water. (Bless your water with positive energy before drinking it. And remember to thank it for purifying your body as you drink it.) Eat proper balanced nutritious meals and feel your emotions, always feel your emotions. 

Only after these practices should you start to conduct your daily business routine. Be mindful of all processes of these practices and then invite them into every process of your business to create a constant positive energy. Do not allow the daily hectic stressors to break down any of this energy you have created and you will succeed peacefully as an entrepreneur.