Declutter Your Way to Abundance


Article by Hilory Walk
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Declutter Your Way to Abundance

Declutter Your Way to Abundance

Abundance as a Form of Energy

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

When we look at the gorgeous photos of homes in design magazines, or more frequently, on our favorite Pinterest boards, our eyes are drawn irresistibly to those beautifully appointed and spacious homes. As with all marketing, the magic lies in what you don’t see!

•    You don’t see clothes and towels strewn about
•    You don’t see dishes in the sink
•    You don’t see overflowing closets and garages which barely have room for our cars.

The primary objective of Feng Shui is to enhance the energies (the qi) within our home or office that support us and to suppress those energies that pose potential harm.  Clutter in our physical environments by definition suppresses all qi—it doesn’t discriminate—hence each piece of clutter depletes the presence and flow of positive or abundant qi.  And guess what, these energy blocks not only impact you, but they affect everyone living in your home!

An easy analogy is to think about meditation. As meditation removes the debris or clutter of the mind, opening a path to universal wisdom, a parallel can be drawn to removing the clutter of our homes or offices to enable the free flow of sheng qi (positive, life-affirming, abundant energies). 

Allow the abundant energies to flow and your home will be the next photo you post on Pinterest!

Clutter Prevents Manifestation!
Removing clutter promotes clarity of thought and lightness of spirit.  Just imagine, there are invisible ties between you and each item in your home or office. The more that you collect, the more energy that is consumed by ‘your things’. 

If you continue to give all your energy to physical objects, how will you find the energy to devote to your clients, your creative ideas, your execution of projects? 

Remember clutter represents the past: either physical reminders of who we once were, what we once did, or even dreams we have outgrown but haven’t discarded. Those half-finished paintings, unread books, clothing that doesn’t fit, 3 year old vision boards all represent old dreams…dreams that are anchored in the past.  Clutter blocks you from manifesting today’s ideas and visions. Clutter carries with it a basket of unwelcome guests: lack of focus, lack of clarity, lack of follow-through, lack of motivation. 

Think of the fantastic new dreams and passions you will unleash… just by releasing these anchors. And where will this extra energy go? To your dream clients who will be irresistibly attracted to your passion, to executing the exciting projects that now seem effortless to complete, and to allowing and enjoying … abundance! 

How To Declutter?
Now that you know the ‘why’, how do you begin the process? 

There are best-selling books, courses, innumerable articles on this topic. In fact, it has spawned an entire new industry (rather ironic, don’t you think!). You could take the courses, read the books, listen to the podcasts, but at the end of the day, there are simple and effective rules to follow. 

You can choose 1 item a day, or set aside a weekend to dive in, or throw a party, announce your intention on social media, create a goal on an app. 

•    Do I need it?
•    Do I use it regularly?
•    Do I love it?
•    Does it have a positive meaning to me?

Unless the answer to each question is ‘yes’, you must either:
•    Donate (there are so many in need)
•    Gift to a friend or loved one
•    Discard what is broken or unusable 

Make it fun, make it simple, make it beautiful. It can even be a form of meditation:  establish a sacred space to begin, play lovely calming music in the background, even light a candle.  With each item that you donate, gift or discard, visualize a golden light taking its place. Watch the light expand and grow with each item released.  This golden light is a symbol of the abundance awaiting you.

Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” - Wayne Dyer

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Hilory Wallk is a classical Chinese Metaphysics specialist, and the owner and founder of Soul Centered Feng Shui. Hilory uses a vast array of classical and holistic tools to create unique and powerful transformations of environment and mindset. As a former corporate attorney, Hilory is passionate about the importance of aligning to one’s soul purpose and she focuses on enabling female entrepreneurs to live a life of optimal harmony and abundance. To find out more about manifesting abundance through Chinese Metaphysics, please email to obtain her mp3 filled with entertaining and inspiring case studies, and jump on the list to be among the first to receive her upcoming ebook on Feng Shui secrets to changing your office to manifest wealth. 

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