How to Find Purpose After the Kids Leave


How to Find Purpose After the Kids Leave

How to Find Purpose After the Kids Leave

Article by Nicole Zaagman
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

There is no doubt life has many stages. A particular age group I find inspirational is: women who are in the empty nest transition. I admire the time investment, energy and sweat that goes into raising a family. I watched my mother bravely take on the role of being a stay at home mom as well as make the choice to home educate all 3 of us through high school. To say motherhood is an accomplishment is an understatement. 

The conundrum comes when we as women have operated in one mode for so long and when that shifts, we’re left feeling a little lost. Women in this empty nest paradigm have spent an enormous portion of their lives encouraging their children to make good choices, be good friends and believe in their dreams. Mothers are their children’s biggest cheerleaders and it’s a full time job. Take that away after the kids graduate high school and where does that leave you? Scared? Asking questions like: who am I? What’s next? What does life after my kids are grown look like? 

This leads me to mention some important points. 

Number one being your new found freedom. Maybe you’re embracing this and maybe you’re not. Focus on embracing it, even if it is difficult. Now is the time for you to focus on YOU and YOUR self-discovery experience. 

Mixed emotions would be next. You’re definitely going through a major life transition; don’t feel like you have to push that under the rug. Acknowledging that this experience is here to serve you will help you define your new identity and bring about a new circle of enlightened relationships.  

You may be searching for a new support system. Focus first on uncovering who you are before you allow any support community to influence your transition. You definitely don’t want to jump into an outside influence that might not be the best fit and who really won’t serve who you want to become before you know what this looks like. 

Lastly, pursue new experiences. If you’ve always had a dream or higher calling you’ve felt drawn towards, go after it. If you’re like me, I believe you have an amazing gift to share with the world through creating a heart-felt business. You’ll be able to help others, find fulfillment, operate in your conscious identity and feel confident again. 

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Nicole Zaagman

NICOLE ZAAGMAN is the founder of LUX CHIX™ a movement empowering health conscious women to follow their dreams. Through NICOLE’S unique program Discovering Your Brand Story® she helps other women see how their past experiences have a way of providing meaningful connection to others and a powerful life purpose. To find out more, visit LUX CIX™.

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