3 Keys for Finding Relief When You're an Overwhelmed Mom Entrepreneur


Article by Katie O'Brien
Philosophy of People
Magazine: Issue #18

Keys to Finding Relief as a Mom Entrepreneur

Keys to Finding Relief as a Mom Entrepreneur

Ever had one of those evenings when you just sob about how overwhelmed you are? Everything is just piling on and you're depleted.

You're not alone. I've been there. Many of my clients have been there. And from my experience I've discovered three simple keys for instant relief when you're feeling overwhelmed that will even help eliminating future overwhelm from taking over your sanity.

Key 1 :: Check Your Mindset.

I can't do this all. Maybe I should just give up. This is hard. Am I even doing the right thing?

When our mindset is stuck in hopelessness, fear, overwhelm and doubt there's not much hope for moving forward. In fact, when we have a crappy mindset our days tend to match that of our mindset.

Our mindset needs to be one that encompasses kindness with the belief in possibility. We need to stop being so damn hard on ourselves when things aren't unfolding the way we 'planned.' When overwhelmed take the time to reflect on what you're telling yourself is possible ... or impossible ... and shift as needed.

Key 2 :: Identify the FEELING of balance for you.

Balance is more than a buzzword, balance is a feeling. It's a flow. It's being okay with the give and take of motherhood, entrepreneurship, marriage ... and really life in general. Understand balance will look different for me than it will for you. Just as my definition of success is different than yours, so is the feeling of balance.

Balance is having a routine and then being okay when that routine gets interrupted by something more urgent. Balance is setting a realistic expectations and being examples for our family on dealing with life on life's terms. It's dropping harsh judgements of ourselves and eliminating the pitfall of comparison. Balance is being human, accepting the AS-IS of life and living in the flow.

Key 3 :: Clear the clutter and start over-simplifying.

When we're overwhelmed we've likely overcommitted in one way or another. Clear any meaningless clutter or activities from your schedule, your mindset and physical space. Use the overwhelm as your drive to simplify down to only your most precious priorities.

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